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How to Make Money Blogging is all about writing without fear. When I wrote my first article for Set Me Free Financially, I was very careful to skirt around issues and keep my writing impassive. Today, I know different. Self-engagement, and giving a little bit more of myself is the key essence. If I want you to engage to my writing, then I need to share myself with you.Here is my experience of how I Make Money Blogging by Writing without Fear. This article is a guideline to help new bloggers get started.

make money blogging

When I started writing my first articles in my earlier blogs, I wanted everyone I knew to engage and to like me.When you write, you want people to like you. When you engage yourself pen to paper you want people to react and leave comments. Basically, you want your audience to react to your thoughts and ideas.However, when I started writing, I also wanted to make money blogging. I was tired working at a 9.00-5.00 pm job for a boss.I also knew that I did not have enough pride in my work. One day I had a good look at my desk and realised that I had a total mess.

Find Time to Think

The cluttered desk was an extension of my cluttered mind. I was trying to juggle with my hands and feet answering calls without ever focusing on my real work. More importantly, I was not giving myself TIME TO THINK! A freak car accident left me in a bed for a couple of long weeks, and finally having TIME TO THINK, and time to be objective about my work and myself, I realised one very important thing! I had reduced my self-esteem to nothing! I had lost my pride in my work and as a result, I was looking at myself being totally worthless.

Blogging Restored My Self Esteem

make money blogging

It took me strength and fortitude to pack my stuff and leave my job. However, when I looked at what was tucked in a box after ten years of slaving away for someone else, I held my head high and walked away with pride. The minute I left the office door that had eaten away at my soul, I skipped and hopped and dumped the “proverbial box” in a rubbish bin. Granted it took me a while to make money blogging, and it was a labour of love with trial and error. Nowadays, I work very differently to how I did when I started blogging. And I do expect that the way I write to make money blogging will continue to change.

However, there was one rule that I learn along the way. This is the truth that I will give you today. There is nothing to stop you from becoming a professional writer. There is nothing to stop you to make money blogging. Only YOU can STOP YOURSELF. All you need to do is think of your pride and self-esteem and how GOOD you will feel when your writing is rewarded.

However, that is not enough! Here is what you need to do to get started!

#1  Read a Ton of Blogs

make money bloggingYes, subscribe to as many blogs that interest you, and that you feel inspired from and read a ton. Reading is inspirational. It gives you the motivation to start writing yourself. It also is a gateway to flood you with ideas of how you can share your personal experience and turn it into valuable reading for someone else. Try to read articles at the same level that you write. Here is one word of advice. If you do not like to read, then you will not enjoy writing. Reading is the motivation you need to writing. Another clever strategy is that whilst you are reading other people’s articles, you will start to structure your own blog. You will also understand which website structure you will use to make money blogging. Always be aware of how other bloggers are using their website to earn an income.


#2 You Can Self-Publish Your Writing

make money bloggingIf you write an e-Book you can self-publish@ Createspace. You can self-publish entire books, articles, or short stories. Nowadays, thousands of writers just like you are publishing work and making money from their writing. There is no need to wait for agents or publishers to give you a green light.
El James with her “Fifty Shades of Grey” never went to print before she made a sensational breakthrough from self-publishing. Absolutely no publisher wanted to touch her books. I guess the maxim “He who laughs last laughs best” is very appropriate in this case. Self-publishing or “Indies” as it is also known has no limit to availability and choice. Amazon today sells over 20 million books online. What is there to limit you to be the 20 million + 1?

#3 Blogging is Good for your Soul

Yes, blogging is like a mantra. Blogging is good because you have to write every single day. The consistency of writing is like a mantra. The rewards of daily blogging are very easy to identify.

Here are some of the advantages of blogging:

  • It is fun and it builds friendships
  • Blogging helps you discover online communities
  • You can blog as a guest on other people’s community blogs – which makes the perfect backdrop for your own blog.
  • Blogging helps you learn how to answer questions. If you are not sure where to start – have a quick look at Quora
  • Practice Blogging on Quora and see whether you will get upvoted. Use the questions you are asked as material to Start your own blog.
  • Start building an audience for yourself rather than for your Blog. Your Blog is YOU! It reflects your thoughts, your experiences, and the way you see and share life.
  • Blogging secures your financial future. Make money blogging whilst enjoying what you do best, writing!


#4 – Writing is Like Eating and Sleeping – You need to do it Everyday

You cannot just write when you are inspired. You need to write every single day. If you have a writer’s block, refer back to #1 and get inspiration.But don’t just write because you are feeling lazy. If that happens more than once a week, think again before leaving your day job! Just like any athlete needs to practice running every day to improve his skills, so do you need to write every day to improve your writing muscle.

If you are hoping to shine bright like a diamond in a sky littered with stellar splendour you need to work hard at it.

make money bloggingEvery year there are more than a million new blogs created. More than 90% of them fall by the wayside in less than a year. The ones that persist grow exponentially and are cash cows. So if you are hoping to make money blogging, you need to write every single day. Here is a little mathematical formula that may interest you. This article is around 1500 words. It is my first of three articles today on my three different blogs. Pouring words onto my screen did not always come easily. When I started blogging, hooking up 200 words on my writing chain would have proved to be a huge effort. However, just like my example with an athlete, you do not run a 20km marathon without practice. You start building your muscle by running 1 km first. Gradually you build it up to 2km and then to 5km. After months of practice, you are ready to run your marathon. Similarly, you build your writing muscle by writing longer articles every day. This is not to say that to give value to your thoughts you need to write super lengthy articles. You need to write engaging articles. However, in order to develop a good argument, you do need to have a good length.

# 5 Re-write your daily articles

udemy-bannerBy the time this article becomes a post available to the public in general, I will have at least re-written parts of it several times. Revision makes me realised that sometimes I waffle. Other times I repeat myself. At some point, I look for my keywords. Writing is an art form. You need to refine it. You need to make it your own. Be obsessive about baring your soul! Let’s face it why are designers like Prada, Chanel, Gucci and Versace so famous? They are famous because each and every one of them has their unique style. Chanel is known for the little-fitted jacket and Versace for the bright yellow and black over the top designs. They are different. They are unique. And they are bold. They are styling without fear. If you want to be unique you need to write without fear! This will mean revising your work and re-writing it until it reflects your soul.

#6 Publications do not Pay for Content!

make money bloggingYes, that is true. Publications do not pay you for content. Whilst it is a great endorsement to have your articles published on important publications, it does not pay your bills. This is the law of supply and demand. There are so many writers pitching to get their work published where it will be read, that publications just do not need to pay for good quality articles anymore. It is an honour just to get published. Some blog sites like “making sense of cents” actually ask you to pay them in order to publish any of your articles. The reason is that they have so much traffic, that your article gets high exposure! Simply put, they make money on your hard work. However, it does not need to be like this. You can make money with your writing. There is only one solution for it and that is “make money blogging”.

#7 Here are a few tips on how to make money blogging almost immediately

  • Try to get yourself coaching or consulting. It may look hard but actually, this is really easy. Once you build an audience large enough and receptive enough, they will want to pay for your advice.
  • Write an e-book and package your ideas. Selling an e-book that is related to your blog is the easiest way by which to make money blogging

Create your own online course – this is another great way by which you can make money blogging. – Learn how by reading our Article Money-Making Online Course

#8 Do Not Be Afraid to Experiment

make money bloggingWriting can take plenty of different forms. You may find your creative style is suited for making a newsletter or writing an e-book or online course. Possibly, you may excel at writing attractive and engaging adverts. You can even make money blogging by first trying to become a copy writer.Find out your true writing style and see what starts pushing your sales up. Check out Google Analytics and discover which articles have received most page views. If you are making money blogging through affiliate marketing, follow an audit trail to see where your sales are coming from. Once you establish the most popular writing styles, you will know what is going to work for you and give you the financial independence that you need.

#9 Renew Yourself Constantly

If you want to make money blogging you constantly need to renew yourself. This is not a competition where you can rest once you get to the finish line. If you want to become a successful blogger you must constantly educate yourself, renew yourself. Blogging is a live being. It breathes, it reacts and it gives you back as much as you give in to it. Blogging is reactive, not passive. Therefore, you will need to re-invest in yourself and re-invent yourself as you go along. If you are at a loss on how to educate yourself to make money blogging, you can find plenty of material on Udemy. This is a very inexpensive form of high education, built directly by people who know best about their specialised subjects.

#10 Conclusion – Back to the Beginning – Write Without Fear – Be Yourself

make money blogging

Writing is all about sharing a part of yourself. Therefore, if you are prepared to be out there, then you must write without judgment and without anger. (not unless your writing style is controversial so in that case, it is also valid). Make your writing fun. If you are writing for your freedom, the money will roll in. However, do not make money the only objective for your writing. If you are prepared to write something that is fun to read and useful to others, then people will want to read it. The more engagement you have with your readers, the better feedback you will get. Your ranking will automatically increase as will your sales.

If you hope to make money blogging, start out by having fun writing. The rest will naturally follow.


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