Discover the world together with us and plan your own trip while working from the back of your hotel room anywhere in the world.


Ula and Mariella invite you to the fascinating world of traveling and making money whilst on holiday. You may choose to take a gap year and blog while traveling. You may want to give up your regular job and travel for a few years. Or you just want to get more overseas travel packed in from your regular holidays. Whatever it is, we can offer you a guide on how to travel and make money!

Travel and Make Money – Is It Possible?

If you have read the “little bit about us” you realised that we are friends who met by chance. We live in two different parts of the world, but we choose destinations that are on our “bucket lists” and meet up in different countries and work on our blogs!

Here we share some of our very nice moments of blogging and travelling – which include Bali, Cancun Mexico, Malta, Poland, and Amsterdam. This is just in 2016! Together! We have both travelled extensively separately, during last year! Our plan is to spend a couple of months in Alicante this summer and enjoy the Latin Lifestyle.

Why Can We Make Money While Traveling the World?

Dreaming about traveling is fine, but in order to travel, you need CONSTANT FUNDING!

In this section of our blog, we will give you tips on how to blog whilst travelling. We will explain how to use your travel experiences and gain financially from them. We will also advise on how to be disciplined and allocate time in order to travel and make money at the same time.

One of the top complaints we hear from people who wish to travel but do not manage to do so, even if they have the time, is that they do not have money to do so!

There are two keys answers to this!
Make your travels work for you
• Travel on a budget and still have a great time

We could drop a list that never ends, on ideas of how to make the most of travelling on a budget. For example, you can travel in a caravan. You can explore your own country. You can teach online whilst travelling.

But we don’t want to spoil the FUN!


Yes, you can travel on a low income.

Yes, you can travel and make money blogging.

And yes, you can have fun and explore the world on a budget!

We will even give you some tips on how you can travel for FREE!

Your adventures are just about to start HERE!
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