Top Black Friday Strategies That Will Make You Stand Out

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Black Friday is approaching and everybody is getting pumped up for it! How to make your company’s offers stand out when people all around the world are bombarded with special occasions and bargains? Keep on reading our article and find out our Top Black Friday Strategies That Will Make You Stand Out!

Top Black Friday Strategies

  1. Make Black Friday a huge party!

In order to grab your potential customers’ attention, you need to convince them that Black Friday is worth the large celebration and… spending money! Various companies use many different ways to make it look like a real festival – shops are open until late night hours and the music invites clients inside. Sometimes, shoppers are even given snacks and drinks to enjoy their time looking through products. The festive atmosphere turns on the “You Live Only Once” mode in people so that they are more willing and likely to spend their money.


Even if you have an online business, you can take advantage of this tip. Make Black Friday an exciting even for your customers! Let them know about your offers beforehand. Make a countdown on Facebook. Ask your followers on Twitter if they are going to participate. Record a live stream on Instagram to speak about your fantastic sales. Make them feel that they can’t miss it out!

  1. Make Your Customer Feel Special

Black Friday Strategies

Of course, this rule is crucial every day of the week. But Black Friday just underlines the importance of taking care of your clients. You should particularly take into account those clients who follow you on Social Media. Prepare a giveaway or reward everyone who takes part in your events and live streams. Maybe a small contest is a good idea? Or some special freebies and samples for the first several people who participate?


Also, remember about strong e-mail marketing strategy. Inform your audience about your sales and bargains via newsletters. Keep it short and simple but most importantly – appealing! Don’t forget about images and aesthetics because these are two main things that impact people most.

  1. Flash SalesBlueHost


Of course, it is good to let your customers know about your special sales, but what also works are flash sales! Time pressure is a proved factor to influence customers. Make a countdown so that your potential clients can see when the sales end – when they notice that only one hour is left, they will be less likely to compare prices with your rivals. This is a great strategy throughout a year, but especially on Black Friday when everybody tries to buy the best gifts for they friends… but are low-spenders at the same time!

  1. Team Up With Other Businesses

It may be difficult to make your voice heard in the crowd. Collaboration is of most importance for online businesses. Of course, you can just share each other’s links on your websites. Another good idea is when another company offers its clients a special code that enables people to get a small discount on your products. It doesn’t always lead to the actual purchase, but they will possibly check your website out and save their discount for later.

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  1. Use Social Media

Black Friday Strategies

The last but not least of our Black Friday Strategies is using social media! If you want your events to go viral, you can’t forget about social media. This is what boosts any business most.

Instagram is the best to present your products visually.

Use Snapchat to keep your clients in touch with you. Show them how you prepare to events and what is going on “backstage”. Keep in mind that you need to share your Snapchat username on your website and other social media because it’s not as easy to find you there as on Instagram!

Facebook is a great way to contact your audience via chats and forums and also to share surveys to get your customers’ opinions. Remember that positive reviews of others are the best advertisement you can ever get! We also recommend you to create an event on Facebook about your Black Friday sales. Encourage your audience to take part in it so they can get notifications and reminders on Facebook. Be online as often as you can and answer all the inquiries, in particular during the biggest sales.

Don’t let your customers forget you and tempt them with special offers for your active followers on Twitter. Why not follow back some of your followers and tweet them some encouraging questions? Be available and open so that your customers feel at home.

Finally, make a short video on YouTube, where you invite to check out your Black Friday discounts that they can’t miss out! As you may know, people prefer watching to reading, so no wonder that short commercials can make miracles.

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Combine all of these Black Friday Strategies for best results. Firstly, you ought to make Black Friday feel like an appealing party that your customers just need to join. In order to do that, use social media to pump your client up and make the whole process exciting. Make sure you make your offers tempting for them but also give out some freebies or make a contest anybody can enter. Finally, try to collaborate with other –smaller and bigger – businesses. Take advantage of time pressure and throw flash sales that will make your customers feel the thrill and buy your products instantly!




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Black Friday StrategiesBlack Friday StrategiesBlack Friday StrategiesBlack Friday StrategiesBlack Friday Strategies

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