The Magic of Focus – 7 Ways to Reach Your Goals

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This post will explore the  Magic of Focus and the great results that can be achieved by singularly focusing on your “ultimate goal”.

The Focus Determines Your Reality

Anyone who is a Star Wars fan would know this George Lucas Jedi wisdom.  However today I will tell you my version of why I believe that the Magic of Focus is the ultimate reason why people succeed or fail.

The Power of Focus by Mark Victor Hansen Fully Explains The Magic of Focus

“Focus” is the number 1 reason why people either get what they want or fail to get what they want.  If ten years down the line you are still struggling to reach your goals it is definitely because of lack of focus.  In the Book “The Power of Focus” Mark V Hanses gives the most positive and direct ways to have success in every aspect of your life through focus.

Whatever it is that you are aspiring for, whether it is to become a corporate professional, a budding entrepreneur, or a regular blogger, you will only strike success if you understand the power derived from focussing.

The magic of focus will hit your personal life, your business, your financial targets and will even structure your character.

Your focus is what will determine your life.

If you have not given much thought to this before, let us discuss it and understand how strong the magic of focus really is.

Understanding the Magical Powers of Focusing

How often have you started doing one job, and stop halfway through because of something “more urgent” or more pressing demands your attention? How many times have you let your attention jump from one task to another and then feel super busy and super tired and yet never manage to finish a job?

Lack of focus will fracture your day.  It will make you feel that you are underachieving every single day.

#1 Setting A Target – Is The First Step to Understanding the Magic of Focus

The first thing we need to do every single morning is to give ourselves a daily target.  Setting the target and keeping it as our focus will help us reach our goals. An easy way to do this is by actually writing it down on your daily wish list.  What would you like to see finished today?


Please be realistic.  We are looking at a target at a time and not a life plan for the next year.

If you set yourself a target and keep your focus on it throughout your day, you will find that reaching your goal is going to be faster and easier.

If you are experimenting with the magic of focus, start with one goal at a time.  When you successfully reach your goals on a daily basis, widen your targets to a more far-reaching time frame.  What would you ultimately like to achieve this week?  Gradually build it to a month.  However, do not start off with a month, as you can easily lose your focus.

For example, if your goal is to become a successful blogger, let’s take the first easy step together. For a good start, complete our short quiz about blogging. ♥

#2 Remove Distractions

Deal with yourself and handle your excuses efficiently.  If the phone is going to be an interruption and will make you lose your goal, switch if off for an hour or so until you achieve the target that you set yourself.

Feeling tired is usually the result of losing focus and cramming too much in a short space of time. A quick release is to alienate and dive into the world of television or computer games.  That is a world that you can easily get lost in.  No matter how good your intentions may be to focus on your goals, you will definitely lose them if you let yourself get lost vegetating in front of the box.

#3 The Power of “Now” – being in the moment

Being in the present can help you a lot.  The magic of focus will work much better if you focus on the “now” rather than on your far-reaching goals.  Being in the moment will not only reduce your stress levels, but it will help you enjoy your life more fully and it will increase your efficiency.

Living in the moment means not dwelling constantly on your past. The past is valuable to us. It is valuable only as far as to learn from it to avoid duplicating mistakes.  If you keep mulling in your head, what you should have said, or should have done, you will lose the power of now.  You will definitely lose the magic of focus.  And in fact, you will fail to reach your goals.

#4 Think Positively – Look for the Brighter Things in your day

If you wake up every morning with a sense of dread and think on the ominous day ahead, your adrenalin will be low and you will feel tired before you start.  If when you wake up, instead of thinking that you will have a miserable day, you use the magic of focus and think on the wonderful gift of life, you will have a bright day ahead of you full of excitement.

There is no question that the power of positive thinking will help us see our goals as more achievable.  That is not to say that we will not have challenges.  There is also the fact that you could be genetically prone to being negative than being positive. There is no shame in that.  It is beyond your control.  However trying to force yourself to see the cup half full rather than half empty will bring strong positive emotions in your life.

#5 If you fail to think positive – surround yourself with people who are positive thinkers

Cruel as it may sound, try to avoid downers.  Unless your work is to specifically help people with depression, try to be kind to yourself and surround yourself with positive thinkers and go-getters.

People who are positive, are people who have already understood the magic of focus.  Positivity is yet another channel that will help you set your goal, and map out the road to reach your target.  Focus is then the vehicle that will drive you from point A which is where you stand to point B which is your target.


#6 Giving Up Is Not An Option

As long as you are focused, you know that giving up is not going to be an option. Even if for some reason you have to delay arriving at your destination. Your goal or your target has to be kept in sight through focus – giving up is never to be entertained.

Quitting is a word that we must erase from our vocabulary.  It is common to find stumbling blocks along our path, but as long as we are armed with the magic of focus, we will appreciate that the stumbling blocks are nothing by delays.  The ultimate goal remains in sight.

#7 Reward Yourself

Yes, reward yourself and give yourself a good pat on the back.  Whether you have reached your goal, or merely on the way, congratulate yourself for encouragement.  Let us face it, encouragement is one of the best catalysts for prolonged motivation.  But heck, if there is not going to be anyone around to motivate us and help us stay focused, we may as well encourage ourselves.

Promise yourself a small reward when you reach your goal.  It is the oldest trick in the book, and it is just another way of conditioning our mind.  But it is a great trick to help us train ourselves to stay focused on our goal.


I hope that you enjoyed this post.  What are your thoughts of “The Magic of Focus”? Please share in the comments below!





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