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You would be surprised just how many stay at home mums making millions there are in this world. You would be even more surprised that there are thousands of stay at home mums who earn money from simple ideas online.

Many mums need to stay at home because of young families.  However, plenty has skills and miss the challenges of work. Today we will meet some of these very inspiring “stay at home mums” who were struggling with leaving their kids and turned around the situation in their favor. These are inspiring stories where “having it all” is possible.

stay at home mums making millions

5 Inspiring Stories of Stay at Home Mums Making Millions

#1 Meet Debra Cohen – Ex-Vice President of a Spanish-Language aviation Magazine in Manhattan


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20 years ago Debra had to make the tough decision of leaving her corporate job and be the mother that she valued.

Cohen describes how she had a heartfelt conversation with her husband one night after arriving home from a 12-hour harrowing working day.  She describes looking at her baby daughter and saying:

I don’t know what she is eating, what she is doing throughout the day

stay at home mums making millions

The decision to become a full-time stay-at-home and not need to travel and do long hours at the office was made. However juggling with finances became the next hurdle.  After being used to pulling in a big paycheck and bringing it to the table at the end of the month, making ends meet became a struggle.

To add insult to injury the Cohen’s had just moved home.  They had purchased a beautiful 75-year-old house which needed a lot of fixing. Finding a good contractor was not easy.  This was especially so because a pregnant squirrel in their attic kept returning even after they removed it.

At a local hardware store, Debra found a contractor who explained that squirrels, once they nest, they will always return.  The only way to remove them is to move them over a body of water.  This was a great new education.  The contractor stayed and is still a family friend.

However, Cohen wanted to spread the word.  She found this particular contractor so good, that she asked him whether he would pay her a commission for referring him to others.  This is how Debra Cohen a stay at home mum started earning millions.

Cohen created Home Remedies a Home Owner Referral Network.  This was 15 years ago and the business is now worth $4 million.

I’m a networker by nature.  But I also have a passion for decorating and home improvements – that is why I decided to put my talents to work and fill in a missing need in the market – and still be able to take care of my daughters.

#2 Australian Mompreneur Jennifer Holland built a 15 Million business after a trip to the doctor with her sick daughter.

Being 38 weeks pregnant and having a 15-month-old sick child is never an easy situation. Jennifer Holland was holding a squirming child whilst the doctor tried to have a look down his throat with a wooden tongue compressor.

This was the AHA moment for Jennifer Holland who invented “The Throat Scope” and which is now a 15 million dollar business.

The throat scope is a plastic device that also incorporates a torch – a fascinating gadget even for kids.  Despite having no medical education, Jennifer Holland did plenty of online research and created her first prototype.

Jennifer Holland, mompreneur par excellence has four children today and one of the best stay-at-home mums making millions.

#3 Michelle Schroeder-Gardner created “Making Sense of Cents” Blogsite to pay off her student loan – Stay at home mums making millions become younger

stay at home mums making millions

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is a 26-year-old mum of two and presently lives in an RV and tours North America with her family.  Michelle, built a million dollar a year blog from scratch, out of sheer necessity to pay off her student loan.

Schroeder describes how panic over the growing debt of her student loan led her to think outside the box and create her personal finance blog.  She managed to pay off $38,000 in under seven months back in 2012.

During these five years, Michelle, a financial analyst, became a millionaire solopreneur, simply by earning from her blog.  Michelle posts monthly accounting reviews of how much money she made the previous month and how she earned this money from affiliate marketing.  Earnings vary however the blog Making Sense of Cents nets around $120,000 a month in commissions.

The blog is a very friendly site giving practical advice on how to cope with personal finance and not run into financial trouble.

#4 Carolin Saldo – Passion Based Coaching Business Entrepreneur – Millionaire Stay-at-Home Mum of 2


By the time Carolin Vandyke Saldo had her second child, she was fighting overweight, listlessness and having financial troubles.

In a huge effort to shed weight, she became more and more interested in living a healthy lifestyle.  In the few months following Carolin, engaged a coach and dropped 75 pounds. She became an expert on healthy living.  She started her own Health Coaching business back then.

A few years ago I hit a tipping point when I looked in the mirror and literally didn’t recognize myself.  I wanted myself back. I had a choice to go all the way or do nothing.


So I hired a trainer and a nutritionist and began to learn a whole new world.  By the time I lost 75 pounds I realized that I’d built up enough knowledge to start helping people who wanted change in their lives

Today Carolin has a multi-million coaching business, that is not just dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle.  Caroline Saldo is her own brand.


Caroline teaches people how to build their online business from scratch.  She creates brand identity and online marketing.  She has trademarked her signature programs “From Passion to Profits” and “Brand Your Passions”.

stay at home mums making millions


#5 Sandy Stein – Her Big Purse Just grew Bigger


Sandy Stein was a flight attendant for 30 years.  Her big messy handbag was the source of distress many a time looking for her keys.

As happens to many of us, purses seem to become bottomless when we are searching for keys.  Stein had the brilliant idea to design a small device that attaches your keys to your bag.  This way, you will never lose your keys.  Keys no longer disappear in your handbag.

Finders Key Purse turned Sandy Stein from a regular mum to a super entrepreneur leading a business that is now worth $25 million.  A hefty sum that would never have been earned by Stein even if she worked for another thirty years as a flight attendant.

Sandy Stein is the last of our stay at home mums making millions.

Stay At Home Mums Making Millions – Is it Possible?

We have only gone through five case studies of stay at home moms. Having their hands full with young kids they still managed to create a business that makes millions.  Not having the benefits of a full-time pay-check, notwithstanding that home care is a full-time job, is what has led these moms to create what seems to be impossible for others.

If you google search “make money from home” you will find 1.8 million results. The options to work from home are endless.  The flexibility of working hours that suit your needs is very attractive.

Are you ready to take your potential to the next level and join the ranks of these stay at home mums making millions?

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