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If you have been searching on how to start your blog free course you are on the right page. Sometimes it takes some encouragement to take the fateful leap and get started.  However here is an opportunity that you cannot pass by.  If you are interested in starting your blog free course read on!

Learn How to Launch a Successful Blog – Free Course

Start Your Blog Free Course

In this article today, we are not just offering to help you start your blog free course, but we are going to give you an insight on the value of a successful blog!

When the Set Me Free Financially Team started off this blog earlier last year, we were already running two other blogs that related to trading and finance (heavy stuff) alongside.  However, we never imagined that we would have such an incredible response on this new blog.

The blog is all about finding the quality of life through financial freedom.  Both Ula and I hated being holed in jobs that tied us to a desk.  Our blogs have allowed both of us to leave day jobs and pursue a life of travel and writing that we both love.

Today we meet in different parts of the world and between all our blogs we make 5-figure incomes every single month.  It is really a great way to live.  We both enjoy the flexibility, the time we have spending with our respective families and friends, and best of all the financial independence.

I also cannot fail to mention, that due to the financial freedom, we are both in a position to plan our early retirement.  Retirement plans are very important and you cannot build this safety net early enough in your life.

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Lessons Learnt from Successful Blogging

When we started blogging, it was not an easy task. Although a lot of information is available for free on the Web, it is very hard to find all the information under one umbrella.  This is the reason for which we are offering you this opportunity to learn how to start your blog free course.

The learning process never ends.  We are constantly learning new stuff and the algorithms for web crawlers that rank your blog keep changing.  Therefore, even if you have already launched your successful blog, improvement is always necessary.  That is where our free blogging course comes in very handy.

Start Your Own Blog

Want to Start a Blog but don’t Know Where to Start?

Earlier we explained that a lot goes into blogging, however, if someone explains how to start your blog in an easy Start Your Own Blogstep-by-step guide, then life becomes much simpler.

What is even more fun, is that starting your first blog will not involve you in any hefty financial investments!  What’s more, you could be earning your first blog income within weeks of setting up your blog!  The minute you start building up your audience, you are already optimized to start earning money blogging.

Start Your Blog Free Course in Your Inbox

What should you expect from your “Start Your Blog Free Course by Email”?

In order to make life easy, we have split the course over a full week.  Every day for seven days you will receive a detailed and chronological instruction list on what you need to do and how to do it.

Here are the headers of your 7-day free email course in an outline

  • Day 1 – Why Start a Blog – How to Start a Blog
  • Day 2 – Choosing the Best Blog Topic – Finding your Niche Market
  • Day 3 – Choosing your Domain name, registering and hosting. This day is extremely exciting.  Here is where you are already on your way to creating your very own blog!  This tutorial will also help you set up WordPress – the ultimate tool for blogging.
  • Day 4 – Creating your first public post
  • Day 5 – How to make money with your new blog
  • Day 6 – How to get massive traffic to your blog and loyal subscribers. Learn how to grow traffic to your blog here.
  • Day 7 – Useful Tips for successful blogging



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