Smart Packing Tips for The Smart Traveler

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Smart Packing Tips for The Smart Traveler

Smart Packing can be a nightmare. If you are gripped with procrastination and indecision on what to pack in your travel bag, it could be a bad start for your trip. The Smart Packing Tips is a guide to take away the frozen fear of packing. We will skillfully help you organize your packing, to the extent that you can also avoid checking in a bag and save the subsequent fees when you go on a short trip.

In summer short trips are four days or less. In winter it would be three days or less. Warm clothes are bulky and will necessitate check-in luggage.

Here are ten smart packing tips that will ease the frustration that could mar an excellent trip.

Packing Checklist

Smart Packing Tip #1

10-tiops-packing-travel-adapterIn this world of communication, we cannot live without our phones or tablets. Therefore make sure you pack a multi-socket extension cord. Check whether the country you are visiting has the same electrical system as your own, and take the necessary converters for your chargers.

Smart Packing Tip #2

Always think of the worst case scenario! What if you luggage gets lost or ransacked? Therefore, think smart and make sure that you never check any valuables. Your cash, credit cards, jewelry, phones, chargers, medications, and a change of underwear should be travelling in your handbag. If you are traveling on to other destination, make sure that you have printed copies of your flights, and hotels – and their destination should be in your hand luggage.

Always make a scanned copy of your passport. It sounds like a bad omen, but you never know if you will need it in case yours gets stolen.

TIP that may save you life… stress for sure.

Our favourite gadget to keep control over keys, luggage, smartphone is this totally awesome product designed by TILE. I can’t say how much I love it. The idea is extremly simple. You just buy a small, white, plastic, with minimialistc design square Tile (available in two sizes) and attach it to your valuable things: home keys, car keys, luggage, wallet etc. Once you download free app for your Apple/Android smartphone you can track your imporant stuff with just one click. When the Tile is within 100 foot Bluetooth range it will play nice music until you find it. It works also the other way around.  If you want to find your smarphone you just double press any one of your Tiles to make your lost phone ring even on silent mode.

Bottom line: it’s good to know if your suitcase is with you on the same plane 😉

If you’re interested get it form here.


Smart Packing Tip #3

Travelling with a partner? Discuss sharing luggage. Share toiletries where possible. To avoid misunderstanding share luggage equally.

Clothes should be rolled rather than folded. You will maximize on space. Think in terms of packing shoes and clothes, which you plan to throw away, thereby freeing up space for new purchases.

Smart Packing Tip #4

10-packing-tips-waredrobeStick to one colour base for your clothes. This will make it much easier to re-cycle clothes that will look like they are a different outfit, but can be worn twice. It suddenly halves the volume of your wardrobe. Add some accessories scarves, jewellery or a tie and turn your day wear into night wear.

Smart Packing Tip #5

Do your counting job well! Lay out your clothes before you pack them. Count the number of days you are travelling and mentally pre-program what you will wear. If you consider smart packing tip 4, you will need less outfits than the total number of travel dates.

Smart Packing Tip #6

Anything that is more than 100ml that is liquid has to be checked in. Do not risk having your favourite shampoos and conditioners confiscated before you leave.   Buy miniatures and doubles of whatever you need if you plan to travel without check-in luggage. Also remember the maxim, “if it can leak – it will probably leak” therefore use zip-lock bags or secure plastic bags for your liquids, and save your clothes for wearing not washing!

Smart Packing Tip #7

19_liquid_eIf you are going to countries where getting medicines is going to be difficult, make sure you pack a few remedies for unexpected ailments. My toiletry bag always includes, some Paracetamols, Diarlytes, Band Aid (new shoes can be painful) Immodium and Buscopan. If travelling very far to places like Asia and South America, you may want to consult with your doctor before you leave for medicines against food poisoning. Water is usually the most likely source of stomach bugs. Be prepared to avoid ruining your holiday.

Smart Packing Tip #8

Planes can be very cold. Stick a pair of warm socks if traveling in summer, especially if you are doing long hauls. I make sure that I keep a scarf or pashmina handy, in case the tempretures drops down a few notches.

Smart Packing Tip #9

This is not exactly a packing tip, but a practical tip. If you are travelling to the airport by car, and leaving it in the airport’s parking garage, make sure that you keep a note of where you left it. Photograph your car with the parking lot number. You will be surprised how many forget where they left their car.

Smart Packing Tip #10

Are you travelling with a new friend and sharing a room? Pack a sleep mask and ear plugs. You may need them if you have different sleeping habits. There is nothing worse that destroying your rest!


Are you ready for your next trip?


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