Simplifying Life – My 10 Soulful Tips

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Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Leonardo Da Vinci

10-Soulful-Life-TipsI have always been a great fan of Leo, but I never thought I would find a quote by the Enlighted Master that would define exactly how I feel about Simplifying Life.

So here are my 10 Soulful Tips on why I believe that simplicity can bring Balance into your life. A balance will lead to Freedom and ultimately the Joy of Life.

The Benefits of Simplifying Life

The minute we start removing all the things that distract us in life and start focusing on the essential, we start experiencing the balance that will ultimately lead to peace and contentment.

So what is it that we really need to do away with in order to have the joyful lifestyle?

I was living at a point where my head and my life was totally cluttered with “unnecessary busyness”.  I lived with a self-imposed sense of obligation.  I also had a compulsive disorder for attention to detail that sucked up my time.  And if that is not enough, I was constantly watching over my shoulder trying to guess what everyone else was thinking of me.

So based on this very personal experience and my consequent struggle to find my equilibrium, I share with you, my very own 10 Soulful Tips on simplifying life.


#1 Less is More

Whilst growing up, owning material possessions was probably the marked on a scale of highest achievement.  I remember the pride of owning, my first car, my first home, my fair amount of designer clothes, computers etc.,  This is all well and good, but when the need to “collect” more cars and more homes started taking over my life, I realized that I was simply chasing my tail and going round in circles. I was working like a maniac and collecting possessions, without stopping to think, that I was not even having the time to enjoy them.

In order to live a balanced life, we need to understand that “Less is More” and that we need to declutter our possessions.  Removing things that are not essential, was the first step towards simplifying life.  When I lived for months on end in a hospital bed, after a sad freak accident, all I needed was my family and friends.  Later, when I was well and traveling months on end, all I needed was what was in my suitcase.  These incidents were “wake-up calls” to show me how my life could be simpler with less.

#2 Learn When to Say No!

Simplifying Life – My 10 S

Not knowing how to say “no” has led me to many troubles.  Mostly having to do with my time commitments.  As it is, our life is already very full with commitments of work, family, and friends.  When I learned to say “NO” to matters that did not really add value to my life – I started releasing time.  Time that I could dedicate to a peaceful walk in the park, or a good read.  Harsh as it may sound, learning when to say NO was a simplifying life factor!

#3 Aim Well to Achieve Your Goals

“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.” ~ Orison Swett Marden

Setting yourself goals of achievement is commendable.  However, when you set goals that are not realistic you are only pushing yourself in a corner of frustration. By giving yourself direction, and aiming at achievable goals, you will be able to focus and your success rate will definitely improve.

I am a great believer in lists.  Set out a daily Achievement List – Check out our Daily To Do Template List and be realistic about how much you can manage to do in one day.  Stuffing your list with too much, will only leave you frustrated, tense and unhappy.

#4 Comparisons are Odious

Simplifying Life

One of the most negative emotions is “comparison”.  I am careful to tip-toe around strong words like jealousy, but even that could be a huge motivation to literally destroy our lives.  Negativity, bitterness, resentment are all feelings that hinder us from simplifying life and living it in joy for ourselves.

If we manage to learn to live life to our expectations and stop comparing ourselves to others we can rid ourselves of great burdens and walk on a sure path of simplifying life.



#5 Do Not Overstretch Yourself Financially

Financial burden can hold you ransom for life.  How many times have we worried that we will not be able to honor our commitments. We can spend hours thinking of ways to find solutions to meet our commitments. However, we rarely stop to think that perhaps the commitments that we made in the first place were totally superfluous.

Living with a little bit less luxury can go a very long way to let us rest our heads on the pillow at night and enjoy blissful sleep.

#6 Do Away With Gossip

Gossip is a Toxic habit of those with tacky poor character – Ty Howard

“Least said the Better” is what my mother used to say “Mind Your Own Business” was another of her classical admonishments.  A plain and honest conversation has an incredible effect on the way we simplify life.

#7 Escape to the Woods

If you need an escape, then escape to the woods, to the sea or to a book.  However, do not escape by sitting for too long in front of a television.  Worse still, today’s world is cluttered with videos games, and other technological alienations, that simply fill our brains with smoke.

Simplifying Life

Media today has totally monopolized our lives.  It has taken over our decision making and re-routed the direction of our life.  Our lives are literally dominated by Media.  The problem is that we are not even aware of the huge impact that media has on our life.  Much less is our power to make up our mind anymore.  We think we know, but what we know is what we are told.

Turn off the media clutter and simplify life for a few hours every day.

#8 The Power of Delegation instead of Multi-Tasking

Learning how to delegate instead of multi-tasking can relief us of a lot of stress.  By delegation, I do not mean abdication!  However, empowering people around you to take a little bit off your burden and making themselves useful can simplify life.  This extends to wives, husbands, and kids.  Teamwork can allievate unnecessary pressures.

Trying to do too much at the same time is not rewarding.  It is just plain stressful.  Delegating to others, stuff that they are capable of handling, not only makes life easier for you, but it also validates the people who help you out.

simplifying life

#9 Turn Off Your Phone and Be Present

Even the buzzer mode distracts me.  If it distracts me, it distracts others.  Worse still, how often have we gone to dinner, and you look at the tables, and see everyone face stuck in their phone texting non-stop?

Naturally, if you are in work-mode, then you need your phone. But if it is your “You” or “Family Time” you are not going to miss anything but postponing replying to distractions. This may not sound like much, however, it is in today’s world one of the biggest causes of relationship strains.  If you want to simplify life “turn it off”.

Simplifying Life

#10 Take Time To Play

All work and no play make Jack a Dull Boy!  Both physical exercise or even mental exercise like board games, soothe our stress and let our life be more simple.

Simplifying Life the Big Conclusion

Life has a crazy knack of passing us by.  Time travels through our lives like sand through our fingers.  If you are looking at making the life journey worth your while, it is time to reflect, relax and enjoy


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