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Is your life full of endless excuses? No More Excuses!  It is time to grab your life and make it happen for yourself. Excuses should be seen for what they are.  They are not reasons.  They are merely excuses that we make to justify why we do not go to a higher level and make a better life for ourselves.  In order to get to your better self, you need to avoid making excuses and focus on where you want to reach in life.

How simple is that?  It is not simple at all!  It is far easier said than done.  However, in this post, we will discuss why we need excuses to keep ourselves safely tucked away in our comfort zone.  And how we can get help to go to the level of no more excuses and grab our life and make it happen.


How to Get from No More Excuses to Grab your Life and Make it Happen

no more excuses

In order to stop making excuses, we need to have massive self-discipline.  Building self-discipline is no different than going on a diet.  It is all about putting an end to all excuses that stop us from moving to the next level of our life.  It is really all about being responsible for ourselves.  However, it is also about getting the maximum out of what life has to offer us.

What if I told you that you can leave your comfort zone and shake your touche and reach out for your goals?  If I asked you today what you would like to have from your life would you be able to sit down and write a list?

The point is that almost everyone has a wish list.  However, when it boils down to the reality of grabbing what we would like to take from life, it is much harder to reach our goals. If you looked around you, how many people do you know that actually reached out and met their goals?  I would say probably only a few.  And the real reason behind failure and success is that we always have an excuse.


Here are a few quotable quotes about excuses:

Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity won’t

Success and Excuses do not walk together.  If you want excuses forget about Success.  If you want Success forget about Excuses.

Sorry I can’t today.  My sister’s husband’s grandmother’s gold fish died. And it was tragic.

These quotes may draw a smile. However, the truth is that we can always have a very resourceful imagination for coming up with excuses. These excuses are the demons that we need to tackle in order to be able to reach our goals.


Let’s Reach Our Goals – No More Excuses


In a recent article about “The Magic of Focus – 7 Ways to Reach Our Goals”  we have already explained the importance that the ability to focus plays on successes and failures.

In life, we come across stumbling blocks.  Some hitches are coming from the exterior.  These are far more tangible than the excuses that we hide within ourselves.  Because they are tangible, we may find them easier to tackle.  The bigger stumbling blocks are those that come within ourselves.  These are far harder to deal with because of two reasons:

a. We are never objective about ourselves

b. It is easier to point fingers and shift the blame on others than direct the proverbial finger at ourselves.

What does happen many a time, is that to avoid blaming ourselves, we find reasons to blame others for our lack of success.  And whilst it feels good and it is relatively easy to blame others for our failures, the bottom line is that it is us who remain behind and not reach our success goals.


How to Say “No More Excuses” to Yourself


#1 Be Accountable to Yourself


Although this may be easier said than done, as I explained earlier – it is the real starting point to your better self.  There is no goal reaching without assuming our responsibilities and being accountable to the person that matters most to us in life.  Ourselves.   If you are serious about a successful life, then you must understand that the remote control for life lies in your hands.  If you are accountable to yourself, and you operate your life without making excuses, then you are in a better position to tackle problems if and when they arise.

If you have the power to tell yourself “No More Excuses” you are far more in control of your own life.  It will take you to the point that even when problems arise that are of someone else’s doing, you can be stronger in dealing with them.  And much more than that, you will learn from your own mistakes and do it so much better next time.


# 2 Learn to Understand Priorities

 no more excuses


One of the possible reasons why we make excuses is that we do not prioritize. If we fail to recognize the level of importance of the task at hand, it is very easy to make an excuse and to avoid dealing with it.


This is especially true with the way by which we manage time.  I would like you to put this little exercise to a test.  Let us say for example we want to add exercise to our daily routine.  A daily walk of an hour – just five times a week.  This is a total of five precious hours of our entire week.  Let us start by counting:


1 week:  168 hours

Work @ 40 hours a week

Sleep @ 50 hours a week

Housework or odd jobs @ 20 hours a week (do you realistically clean the house for longer than 3 hours a day?)

Cooking and eating @ 3 hours a day @ 21 hours

Socializing/facebook chatting @ 2 hours a day @ 24 hours


We are left with 13 hours which is more than double the time we really need to build in the exercise in our plans.  Yet how often do we wake up, put our runners on and move our ass?  Plenty of time we have an excuse why not to do it! Too cold, too hot, too tired etc., etc.,

The same principle can be applied to anything we really want to prioritize, focus on and do to improve our lives.  Be it exercise, tuition, an online course or whatever it is that we need to do to take us to the next level of life betterment.


#3 Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal


Life is not a dress rehearsal – the curtain is up and you are on!  Give it your best shot


Pretty much like anything else opportunity only knocks once.  Unless we use life as our stage for success, it will pass us by very fast without any notable achievements.  Richard Branson on life not being a dress rehearsal moreover amplifies that in order to achieve any level of success, we need to do those things that spark us with fire.

You need to enjoy what you are doing to achieve your success.  You need to embrace the joy of life.  You also need to learn from your failures in order to achieve success.  And finally, you must accept that you are human and yes you will make mistakes.  However, you cannot let your mistakes take you down. Learn to be kinder to yourself and be less judgemental.  Being judgemental will only provoke fear of failure. And therefore you will make excuses.  Time to say no to excuses because of being auto-critical.


#4 Failure is Not an Option – No More Excuses


If you truly train yourself to believe that “failure is not an option” you will automatically have no more excuses.  What is more, you will be pursuing excellence. You will be able to handle the challenges that you will encounter with a better strength of mind.

Despite the fact that life can appear to be a constant battle, in truth, if you do not let the little things, get you down, then you will have the strength to overcome the bigger challenges in life.

Anything that is worth something is going to be hard work.  However, work is what our body and mind can be trained for.  Without training an athlete will not build his muscle power.  Without training and studying, you will not pass your exams.  Life is a constant examination, and our ultimate goals are no different than the tests we used to take in a class at the end of the reach.


#5 Identify your Goals and Reach Out for Them – Make Your Goals Your Priority – And Focus


The header sums to all.  The secret of achieving success is a process.  It starts with identifying what it is really the goal we aspire for. Next comes, finding the right tools or help to make us reach for our goals.  Once we establish that, we need the commitment to make our goal the priority in our life.  Finally, we need the focus to keep our goal within our sight.


Pursue a Life of Excellence with No More Excuses


If you are really unhappy with your life and want to get yourself unstuck from the rut you must tell yourself “No More Excuses”.  I want to have a better life.  Even when you fail, and when you revert to your old habits of makings excuses, it does not mean that you cannot try again.

If excuses could be traded for cash, we would be very rich indeed.  In truth, making excuses bring nothing to our life that is valuable.  They bring only disappointment.

If you are really fed up with the life you have, it is time to turn the table around, and instead of being consistent with finding excuses, be consistent with your commitment.  The results will be awesome.

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