Only crazy people think they can change the world. And these are the ones who do.

make extra money

Making extra money from a side hustle comes naturally to some. However, most people need inspiration and motivation in order to look deeply inside themselves, and find the most natural way for them to make an extra bit of money.

Making extra money does not need to be difficult. A side hustle could improve your life and give you the financial stability that you are looking for.  It is probably that extra little bit, which will change your life, your humour and put your mind at rest.

How easy is it to make extra money?

In our Set Me Free Financially Blog, not only will we be discussing income mainstreams, but we will also look at ways on how to save money by decluttering and owning less.

We will be sharing stories of people who make extra money using Mobile Apps for example.  Or how a stay at home mum makes extra money by being a successful blogger! And then there is the story of Alina who we have recently interviewed and makes $30,000 a year inside hustles from car boot sales!

Can an extra 10-20 hours of work a week really leave you a richer person? And what is the value of a richer person?  We are not just talking about personal finance in this blog, we are talking about real contributions to family income which enrich relationships!


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