How to Identify Your Target Audience and Create Valuable Content that Connects

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Few people will ever tell you how to really identify your target audience and create content that connects.  This article will fill in your blanks on a topic that everyone else waffles about but never gives you specific answers.

Finding Your Target Audience and Creating Interesting Content

There is no question that identifying your target audience is the core essence of a successful blog. Once you have decided on the core subject of your blog, you will need to coincide your interests with the interests of your target audience.

If you narrow down your audience to an essential target, you will hit the bull’s eye and have great success with a growing engagement from your followers and subscribers.

This may all sound pretty and exciting, however, we need to find out exactly how to do this in a practical manner.

Here are some important factors that will help you with targeting the fundamental interests of your audience.  This list will help you with your topic selection, and make your content very strategic.

#1 Understand the Basic Demographics of Your Audience.

In order to identify your target audience, there is a list of things that you need to ask yourself. These include the following.

  1. What age are you targeting?
  2. Are you location based or are you international?
  3. Is your niche focused on a particular gender?
  4. Are you targeting a specific income bracket
  5. Have you considered the education level of your audience?
  6. Is your audience gainfully occupied or are you targeting children, students or retirees?
  7. Does your blog focus on a particular ethnicity or religious belief?
  8. Is your audience in a particular phase in life? Example pregnant women, young parents, 3rd age?

If you look at this list you will think about how all or any of these factors may influence your content, and your ability to make money from your blog.

#2 A Core Audience is Better than a Diffuse Audience

When you focus and narrow down your core audience, you are in a much better position to understand what is important to them.  If you understand how to identify your target audience, you will be able to build a story of their life.  This will lead you to create content that is important and valuable for your subscribers.

We are not saying that by finding your target audience you are going to exclude everyone else.  However, if your topic selection is strategic, you will interest your focused followers.  In turn, the rest will simply follow. So now you have identified a rough sketch of your target audience.  The steps which follow is creating valuable content for an engaged audience.

Now you are at a stage where you need ask yourself a new list of questions.

  1. What are the obvious questions that your audience want to have answers to?
  2. What are their anxieties and fears that need information fed to them by way of your valuable content? Target common problems that need solving.
  3. Can you entertain them and keep their attention on your blog?
  4. Will you find your unique voice and work like an octopus with as many fingers on each question pie?

There is no doubt that you should not even consider wasting time creating valuable content unless you know who your audience is, and what they want to know from you.  Your success is measured by understanding your target audience and translating them into a captured and focused loyal set of subscribers.  Loyal subscribers will return to your blog over and over.  This is when you start building your business plan. If you want to contribute valuable content and make money blogging, you first need to identify your target audience.

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#3 Identify Your Target Audience By Following Their Social Media Habits

There is no question that today, having a blog by itself will not be sufficient to capture a target audience.  Your blog must be visible and connected to other means of social media.  Your followers on any social platform will be giving you plenty of information.  All you need is to know how to collect this data. This is a list where you can potentially collect and identify your target audience and understand their habits and questions.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Flickr
  • Podcasts

This list is far from exhaustive, however, varies from one geographical location to another.  For example, an American audience is far more twitter evolved than Facebook conscious.  This is exactly the opposite in Asia.

You must follow the paths that your target audience is taking.  Check out which other blogs they are following, re-tweeting and sharing. This is probably the most insightful study you can do to understand where your target audience is heading. By following their path, you will be in a position to understand what your audience expects from your service.  You can use your knowledge about your target audience to create content that meets their interests and their needs.

By identifying your target audience and understanding their behavior patterns, you will be able to feed them content that converts.

#4 Research Your Competition to Help Identify Your Target Audience

Research is a great key to understanding how your competitors are feeding their target audience.  By looking at what other blogs in the same content channel are giving in terms of content and structure, you will be able to define your own structure.

Here are a few advantages of researching your top competition.

  • Getting ideas of a broad spectrum of Topics for Your Posts
  • You will understand how they are structuring their websites and topics. Which areas are being more intensely covered, thereby attracting unique visitors?
  • By analyzing your competition, you will also understand where their channels of income are coming from. Is you competition selling affiliate marketing? Are they solely relying on traffic and getting paid per click? Are they selling their own product or “funnel” as it is better known?

The answers you will get from researching your competition is possibly the most insightful information you will have to identify your target audience.

Once you have defined your real audience, you will be able to focus on some very important points.

  1. You will be in a great position to create valuable content. But that is not enough.  You will create the RIGHT CONTENT.
  2. You want to establish yourself as an AUTHORITY in your subject. Because of this, you will no longer create content for the sake of creating content.
  3. By creating VALUABLE CONTENT you will target readers who will benefit from your blog.
  4. As a result of the above, you will have an audience that is a “converting audience” You will have to be able to monetize your blog.  You will be on the right road to making money blogging.

I recommend that you visit the site to find out important information about your competition. On Alexa, you find who is writing a similar blog and the size of their audience. You can test your own content against your competition.

How To Identify Your Target Audience – Conclusion

The last and other important question that you need to be asking yourself is a very pertinent one.

What Does Your Target Audience Stand To Gain By Choosing You Over Your Competitors?

Here is where you should start thinking of how unique you are.  Will you make your blog simple, easy uncomplicated? Or are you targeting a sophisticated audience that appreciates technical and heavy information?

What are you going to do that is unique and better than that of anyone else? By finding your voice and your content core, you are able to attract an audience who will truly enjoy being on your pages and find it absolutely useful.  You will become a trusted resource that your audience can count on.

My last bit of advice is a very honest one.  KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Easy reading and easy writing are what will make your target audience stay much longer on your blog and give you maximum engagement.

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