Great Tips on How to Structure A Blog

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Whatever topic your blog is about here are some great tips on how to structure a blog with top selling content.

A great blog post that can become a top seller does not happen by accident.  Nor does it happen by trial and error.  There are tips on how to structure a blog that will give you traffic and later excellent financial results.

You may have all the ideas in the world, but unless you know how to structure a blog, you will find that the blank page in front of your screen is going to be very daunting.

Tips for writing a Top Selling Structured Blog

How to Structure A Blog

My first tip would be very simple – write whatever drops to your head.  You can fix whatever you write later.  If you are having a great day, with plenty of great and fresh ideas, do not waste the opportunity.  There will be plenty of other days when you feel tired or lethargic and will just have to push yourself to write.  Everyone is familiar with writer’s block.  Therefore, if you are having a day of free flowing thoughts, just write and write.

However, in order to rank well with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your blog needs to be properly structured.  Here are a few practical tips that will give you a top selling blog.

Practical Tips on How to Structure a Blog into Top Selling Posts

Let us assume that you are writing about a subject that you are very passionate about.  A subject that covers an important aspect of your blog.  And what is more, you are an expert on the subject and can easily chat about it when you meet friends.

Therefore, you probably have a lot to write about.  So much to write about, that you can lose the wood for the trees!

As such have a good blog structure is very important to help you, Marshall, your thoughts and get the most out of your blog.

#1 Give your post a great Title and a Proper Introduction

How to Structure A Blog

The cover of your post, your feature image, and your title have to be absolutely superlative.  It is what is going to entice your regular readers, and ideally new ones to stay on your post and become engaged and engrossed.

An introduction is very important as it highlights the direction where your post will be going.  It should be interesting enough to grab attention and lead the reader into the full post.

A feature image is also very important.  An eye-catching feature image will ignite curiosity on the content.  Another very important tip is to keep some consistency in the fonts you use for your feature image.

Remember that anyone landing on your Homepage will be seeing all the feature images at the same time.  Therefore, keeping them similar, will give a very professional feel to your site.

#2 Make sure that you have a “Body” of content and a Conclusion with proper Sub-Headings

How to Structure A Blog

Sub-headings are awesome.  At a glance, a reader will be able to browse and see whether the content is what he is looking for.  There is nothing more boring than pages of writing that you can easily get drowned in!  On the other hand, short paragraphs which are clearly marked will help you and your reader, develop the real theme of your post.

Think in a chronological order.  Therefore, start off by treating the issue that you want to discuss.  Pose questions that your readers would have asked you in real life, and deal with them one by one.  Do not jump from one subject to another.  Take your subject, develop it and move on to the next.

Just like we were thought at school, develop your subject with an Introduction, A Body, and a Conclusion.  Summing up your content will help your reader put his thoughts together and have a good impression.

#3 Use Visuals and Ideally Videos in Your Post. This is a great tip on how to structure a blog

How to Structure A Blog

There is no question that the public in general today is more engaged with visual information than with written information.  It has been proven that 60% of subscribers will commit to the purchase of anything you may be selling if it is visual, vis-a-vis 20% of commitment from writing.

I strongly encourage you to add your exposure by opening a YouTube Channel. It may be hard to start speaking to a camera, but it definitely engages much better. You become a real person, not a persona.  You will also find that this is a great tip on how to structure your blog.  Consequently, by adding a little bit of yourself, you will gain more respect and more trust. Watch our video, inviting you to join our community of bloggers with a FREE 7-DAY BLOGGING COURSE – Click Here and Watch!

#4 Use Sensible Opt-Ins in order to get engagements!

If you are in the business of blogging for fun, then you will just enjoy streaming pages of your ideas and be happy knowing that they are giving pleasure or information to anyone who reads them.  If you are in the business of blogging to make money online, then you need to structure a blog to become a top seller!

Here are a few ways that you need to consider on how you will make money with your blog.

a. Affiliate marketing

b. Google Adsense

c. Selling Your Own Product

d. Creating Opt-Ins in your site.

What is an Opt-In?  An opt-in can be a subscription form, a  banner, a free E-Course, a diary, anything that will get your audience to leave their email address and become one of your loyal followers.

Opt-In forms can be forceful (not nice but successful) in the form of pop-ups, or gentler (such as the ones we use) which is a persuasive form of engagement.

The bottom line of successful blogging for financial freedom is to give

a) the information that whoever is browsing is looking for

b) an entertaining fountain of information – in a well written and engaging form

c) A trust builder – so that you readers will return

d) Your ability to turn an interested reader into a potential client.

How to Structure A Blog

Conclusion on How to Structure A Blog in A Perfect Way

I should qualify this conclusion.  There are no hard and fast rules. And there are no “perfect ways”. Different structures work for different people and in different niches.  But from my years of experience, I do know that “keeping it simple” always works.

People who are searching for answers are only searching because they do not know enough about a subject. Therefore, subjecting your audience to complicated theories is not going to help them.

Keep your sentences short and to the point.  Keep in mind all the questions you would be asking about the subject in hand.  And always ask your subscribers to leave their questions.

Which is what I am going to ask you to do now! If you are looking for more information about blogging, why you should blog,  and more tips on blogging please do not hesitate to drop a message in the dialogue box or email us directly on team (at)!  (in case you were wondering, we split the email address to discourage spammers!)

Finally, join the Set Me Free Financially Team on FACEBOOK.  We do plenty of fun stuff there, including plenty of live videos and inspirational videos.  We want you to succeed!










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