How to Install WordPress 2017 on BlueHost

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In this post, we are going to learn how to install WordPress 2017 on BlueHost.  This is where our blog project starts becoming exciting and hotting up! This is where our dream starts taking a real shape and we can look forward to having our journal available to the world.

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How to Install WordPress 2017 on Bluehost

How to Install WordPress 2017 on BlueHost


In my opinion, WordPress is the best tool used for blogging.

WordPress was created for blogging.

There are various other systems you can use such as:

  • Joomla
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr etc.

However, WordPress remains the easiest to use, the one with many plug-ins created to enhance blogging,

Best of all it is a tool that you can use if are you plan to drive traffic to your blog and earn money from blogging.

So let us get on with installing WordPress 2017 on our BlueHost website

Here is how to install WordPress 2017 on Bluehost

The 2017 version somewhat varies slightly from previous panels, so we will work with the latest version.

So let us start by logging into our BlueHost dashboard and go to the C Panel.


Select install WordPress.

Installing WordPress 2017 on Bluehost

The C Panel will display all the Tools afforded by BlueHost to build your site

You will be transferred to the Welcome screen of the BlueHost Marketplace.  Just hit on the “Get Started”

We will be installing the latest version of WordPress 2017.

You will be asked to select the domain name for installation.  Actually, you are going to be given several options related to the name that you have chosen.  In our case the name is

“”  This is where we can decide to have either an version or just the version

I have decided to go with the version.

Installing WordPress 2017 on Bluehost

Choosing the display name for our site as it will be seen on Search Engines

Leave the directory empty.

How to Install WordPress 2017 on BlueHost – Off the Shelf Themes

At this point may or may not purchase any of the plugins and templates on offer.  In the next posts, we will guide you on free possibilities rather than paying possibilities. However, if you want a quick off the shelf alternative, this is the place where to get it.

You are now directed to the page where you will enter your credentials.  These include your site name, the administrator, your email address and password.

Tick all the boxes.  Since you are creating a new site, you have no problem with the software overwriting any files. Check service agreement.  And proceed with the installation.

The database will now be created for your installation.  Wait for the site to load the WordPress tool.  You will be notified as soon as it is done. Check that Installation is Complete.

Once done you will be sent an email, which you must respond to in order to authenticate and verify your account.

We can now view our credentials.  Here we have our username and password. The name of the site and also the login details for the administration panel for WordPress.

Installing WordPress 2017 on Bluehost

WordPress Login Page

Installing WordPress 2017 on Bluehost

This is where all the action will be happening on your website

If we go back to our website, we can see that the site has loaded the standard page for As such, we can now refresh the page and see that we have a new looking website, that is ready to receive all our ideas, blogs and posts.

Installing WordPress 2017 on Bluehost

Coming Soon Image for a New Website

Congratulations!  You have just installed WordPress on your website.

And that is all there is to How to Install WordPress 2017 to BlueHost

Let us now sign in and go to the back panel where all the action will happen with our new Blog. As soon as you sign in, a new window will open, which is the administration panel for the blog.

This is the standard “backstage for WordPress” – On this panel, we are going to learn how to add posts, pages and set the general framework for our site.

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