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make your blog go viralUnless you Make Your Blog Go Viral, there is no way that you can start making money online. Earning an income from your blog depends entirely on the way in which you will make your blog go viral.  It is visitors to your blog, that will, in turn, become your customers.  You can only monetize your blog, and make money and earn an income if you have visitors.

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 important strategies that will make your blog go viral. You may think that success can only happen to other people.  But trust me, online success can be achieved by everyone.  If you persevere, put in hard work, and experiment in the best manner, you will have success.

Here is how Set Me Free Financially got started and how we made our blog go viral!

Sharing Our Experience on  How to Make Your Blog Go Viral

make your blog go viralSet Me Free Financially which is hosted by Mariella and Ula with the help of Julia nowadays, started less than a year ago.  In this year, we have gone from zero views to thousands of visitors per month. Both Ula and Mariella are professionals in other fields. Mariella is professional banker and entrepreneur and Ula is an architectural designer and entrepreneur in her own right. Julia, at just 18 is the new addition.  Julia is now the artistic director on the SMFF blog site, and all the visual arrangements are thanks to her.  A very nice welcome on board to Julia!

The reason Set Me Free Financially started, was that both Ula and myself (Mariella writing this article) had a passion for traveling.  We also had a dislike to being chained to a desk and working for employers.  However, wishing for a liberated life comes with a price tag.  We needed to be able to work in a free environment, yet at the same time, make enough money to be able to finance our travels. This is when we put our heads together to search on the best way to make money online.

How Do You Start and Blog and Go Viral?

We did look at many options including writing articles for other websites, selling Ponzi schemes, but in the end, only affiliate marketing through blogging was the option that made sense.

So here we are today.  We have traveled many countries together and separately.  In the past year, we have been to Bali, Poland, Malta, Spain, and Amsterdam together.  When we meet, we brainstorm and work together.  Separately I  have visited Mauritius, San Francisco, Cuba, Palma de Majorca and now decided to relocate to Javea Spain.  Ula is presently attending a friend’s wedding in Berlin and will be off to Chicago next week.

How is all this possible?  It is possible because we make money from our blog because we have traffic landing in our blog.  We hope that you will find this article inspirational and helpful not to mention motivational!  Yes, you can have a blog that will go viral and that you can make money from!BlueHost

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5 Ways to Make Your Blog Go Viral

When you finally come across someone who will take you by the hand and map out exactly how to make money blogging without needing to wait years, you will be very relieved! So today I thought that I would take out the pain and procrastination, and share my 5 best ways to make your blog go viral. If you follow these rules, all you really need to do is to go after it – and make it happen for yourself!

One of the most important rules that I have learned since I started blogging, is how little I know the more I learn! Blogging opens up a whole new world to education.  I keep refining, my articles, and my strategy.  I am constantly learning and I know that I will never stop.  Blogging is an evolvement process.  However, since what I have learned has been giving me positive results, I can share with you, my winning strategy of how to make your blog go viral!

#1 A Book is Judged by Its Cover – Your Article is Judged by its Title!  – Take note

make your blog go viral

Your titles need to be given a lot of thought.  You may write a very good article, but if your title does not capture the imagination of your audience, you will not have people actually clicking in and reading your post.

You must also be careful not to be too generic with your titles because you will be competing with many others with the same kind of title.  If you have a new blog this would not rank well.

So here are some examples of great titles vis-a-vis flat titles

a.  How to Bake Good Cakes – Boring

b. 10 Tips to turn you into a Baking Genius – Warming Up

c. 10 Baking Recipes to turn your kids wild This Summer – Excellent

Once you start figuring out what kind of phrases will create the sense of urgency in your audience, you will have a captive audience that keeps begging for more.  Sites like Buzzfeed and BuzzSumo are excellent at helping you figure out alternatives to your unimaginative titles.

#2 Become the Quick Fix Guru

make your blog go viralYou need to be a great point of reference.  In order to become one, you need to discuss subjects that are pain points to other people. Therefore you need to ask yourself a few things when you are planning to write about any subject:

a. Will my article answer questions that other people are asking about?

b. Is the topic you are writing about well researched or does it hit a niche market?

c. Is your subject trending? For example, recently I have been writing a lot about Bitcoin and crypto currencies.  In case you have been wondering why it is because Bitcoin has become the fifth most researched word on Google.  It means that automatically my attentive audience is going to be wider!

d. What is in your content that is important for the reader?  Time is precious.  Therefore, if anyone is going to dedicate time to your article, it is because there is something in it for them.  Never assume that people will just enjoy reading your article for your sake.  You need to either solve a problem or else be “chicken soup for the soul”. If your writing is soulful and you make people feel good about themselves, then it still solves the basic need to finding answers.

#3 Pin Your Articles – Post on Facebook – Touch on Google +

make your blog go viral

Cross referencing articles on all your social media is today crucial.  You will need to collect as many readers from every possible angle you can attack!

This is how we Pin our articles

And here is how we use our Facebook page to create interest.  We do not just post our articles.  We create interest and interaction.  One great way to get engagement is to create a Quiz from your own articles.

Put yourself out there!  Today you can do live feeds on both Facebook as well as on YouTube!

You should remember that people generally speaking are quite lazy to read, and you, therefore, should visualize your content.  There is proof that you will have 60% more engagement from a live video chat than you will have from an exciting post.

Place importance on your images.  But not just that, make your images consistent from one post to another. If you are looking for shares and repins than you want to “brand” your style.

For example, have a look at the font style that Julia uses when setting up our visuals.  There are style and consistency.  Whenever any of our followers are checking out our images on any social media, they already know that this belongs to us!  Branding your style is of exceptional importance.

Another very important tip is to re-pin your pins with different photos.  People react in very different ways to different styles of images. This is also true for your Tweets.  Make sure that you construct different punch line tweets for your post and retweet the same post several times during the same day.  The different angles will attract attention.

#4 Test what works best for you

make your blog go viral

The only way in which you can make your blog go viral is to test every aspect of your strategy. In order to gain virality, you need to test your titles, your photos, your punch lines and your subject matter.  Over and over again.

Remember also, that you need to create a sense of urgency in everything you do.  Let us take for example the wonderful images we see of “Rebajas” “Sales” on shop windows.  What are they doing?  They are creating a sense of urgency, provoked with a price reduction.

Sales work, not only because of the price advantage, they work because they create urgency.  Therefore, your posts, need to create this feeling, that whoever is reading cannot stay without your recommendations or without your advice.

Use Google analytics to see which of your posts are being read most.  Check which images are working best on your Pinterest Account and study behavior patterns.

Behavior pattern, in the end, is what will give you the swarm intelligence.  Swarm intelligence is the way bees or birds all flock to the same area.  You want the big wide world to swarm to your post and therefore you must create the urgency for it!

#5 Decide Whether or Not to Use Contributors on Your Social Media

make your blog go viral

Another great way of attracting audience attention is to invite contribution.  You will need to decide whether or not you want your audience to be active contributors to your social media pages.

For example, as an owner of a Pinterest Board, you must decide whether you will allow others to pin their favorite posts and make your board richer or whether you prefer to retain ultimate control.

If you are still starting, allowing contributors will mean that your board can easily make your blog go viral. Later when you are established, you may want to edit or restrict options.  However, to start off with, it would be beneficial to invite contributors, opinion, and trend setters to be part of your team.  Every little bit helps in the beginning!

Finally, look for other relevant boards that are similar to yours, and if they allow, make sure that you pin your wonderful images with a tag on the post you will have written that is relevant to the pin!  There is nothing wrong with poaching other people’s audience as long as you do it ethically!

Do you want to be successful in setting up your business? Check out our quiz:


Ethical Habits to Make Your Blog Go Viral – My Final Thoughts

make your blog go viral

There is no prize without hard work.  Where I come from there is a candid expression which translated says

You will reap whatever it is you sow

I guess it is a rather international maxim.  Your early hard work may not show results immediately.  However, that is not to say that your spade work will go unrewarded.  Payback time will definitely be growing slowly and silently underground. So do not be disheartened if you do not see immediate results.

Once you do, and once your blog goes viral, there is no turning back.  The only thing you will need to keep up is consistency. Always based on the best 5 tips on making your blog go viral!

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