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Choosing the Best Blog Topics for your new blog post is the best way to make money from blogging. If you are starting out read this blog post and take yourself from a writing enthusiast to professional blogging.

Take Yourself From Writing Enthusiast to Professional Blogger

If you are reading this post, you must be a writing enthusiast, and you are looking for better ways to take your writing to professional blogging.

Are you struggling with coming up with titles for your posts?

Or perhaps you have plenty of interests, and you are not sure which niche market you should be targeting?

You probably have no idea how to take your blog to the next level, and make money writing? This post is going to clear up the cobwebs. I will guide you on how to choose the best blog topics, to keep your audience interested, and better still coming back for more.

Here are 4 Simple Points to Help You Choose the Best Blog Topics.

In a recent post, I pointed out how important it is to know your target audience.   This is the first step towards choosing an interesting and valid blog topics.

#1 Identify Your Target Audience

If you identify your target audience, then you can create content and the “best blog topics” aimed directly for your audience.

Everything boils down to having an interested audience. As such, understanding your audience is crucial to the success of your blog. Start by reading emails from your audience. Their questions are full of information they need from you. They are your guide on the best blog topics they need from you.

In fact, you will find that the longer you blog, the better you will understand your audience and what they need from you.   The more time you spend understanding your target audience, the more connection you will have between you and them. Your blog becomes a connection line between you and your audience. Therefore your topics need to be selected in a way that your readers connect with you. You should blog about subjects that your audience if familiar with. This is the key to selecting the best blog topics.

#2 Make Your Content Relevant.

Are you looking at being popular or are you seeking to be relevant? If you have established your target audience above, you know that the subjects that you will be presenting to them are RELEVANT to their interests.

Becoming popular is going to be a natural progression if you are relevant and remain focused on your NICHE MARKET. What is a niche market?

A niche market is a specific customer group. A niche market has specific needs. They may be price orientated, or politically motivated, or have very special interests. It is a market segment. For example, sports channels like Fox Sports are targeting sports enthusiasts.

The tighter your niche, the better you can develop the best blog topics that are relevant to your niche. If for example, you are in the pet food niche, you need to focus on relevant articles that have to deal with pet health. There is no point to publish articles that deal with SSL and Site Security on your pet food post. You will simply lose your audience. Moreover, you will be out of context and definitely not find the best blog topics for your interested audience.

Stay Current with your Blog Subjects.

Current news is the flavor of the day. Although timeless information is absolutely vital and you will get constant traffic from it, you must stay in the present.

Your blogging needs to be relevant, fresh and trending. You should know that whatever is being currently tweeted is favored by the algorithms of Google. If Google favors your current topics, your ranking will improve dramatically.

Focus on Giving Answers to Questions Your Target Audience is Asking.

Earlier I explained that one best way to find the best blog topics is to read emails from your subscribers. They have questions that they are seeking advice on. They are actually telling you to give solutions to their problems. This is your ultimate goal. This is where you are totally relevant to your audience.

#3 Your Competition is The Best Guide For Blog Topics

Shocking as it may sound you must find a blog in your niche, dissect it, understand it and copy it!Oscar Wilde’s Quotable Quote Is

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness

In this case, I would go a step further and explain better. I am not asking you to copy or steal content. This is totally frowned upon and it will hurt your site. However, following examples of the blogs that are in your niche and ranking high, is a process that will help you identify the best blog topics.

For example, let us say you key in “Trending Subjects”

I did just that and came across BuzzFeed News on Health

What is unique about the 25 Cheat Sheets that Make Cooking healthier less of a chore? It is just the structure of the blog post. How can this be relevant to our blog? It really is, even if we are writing about SEO or traveling for example.How to Choose the Best Blog topic

Here is a breakdown of what is interesting in this trending health post.

  1. Visually interesting recipes
  2. Easy to understand headlines. No complicated stuff
  3. A structured list starting from recipes to ingredient breakdown, to sauces, to specific oils.
  4. A solid and relevant content contribution to anyone who is really interested in health food made easy.

If we think about this structure, we can see how to transform these highlights into our blog.

  1. Visuals for easier reading
  2. Interesting Headers that keep our audience on their toes
  3. A structured list which makes our subject flow from introduction to body to conclusion
  4. Fresh and interesting content that keeps your audience begging for more.

As you can see, although we are looking at a Health Food blog, the great way in which this post is structure, is totally relevant to anything we want to blog about.

Therefore use your favorite rival blogs for inspiration and you do the rest of the job. Let’s face it. No matter what you will say, has been said before. However, when you say it in your voice, with your flavor and your twist, it becomes unique content.

Chose from topics that have universal appeal to your particular audience. Remember to give solutions to problems whilst remaining appealing. Therefore get down to it. Make a list of your favorite blogs. Check out their ideas. Look at their approach and their techniques. See which style you like best, and emulate it.

As I said earlier, it is definitely not cool to steal content. Stay fresh. Remain original, and give a little bit of yourself in every blog post. This will become your best blog topic style.

#4 Know How Well Your Competition is Doing

Right so is it boiling down again to competition? Unfortunately yes. This is how you are going to learn to grow. This time, however, I am going to explain a way by which you can identify who is doing better than you and why.

Here is where I want to introduce you to BuzzSumo. This is a great site that will help you identify topics that are trending. Let us say you we take this particular blog post. Therefore I go to the Buzzsumo site and key in “choose the best blog topics”. Below is the list of similar and competitor blogs who have dealt with the same to choose the best blog topics

I decide on and look at what Alora is saying that I am not. I look through it and realize that we are more or less saying the same thing, but I have just missed on “Finding A Topic Source”. This is just an example of finding not just the best blog topics but also finding your personal voice and your own structure. You will not just find out what is trending, and you surely want to be on that list. You will also find what stays fresh after the expiry date. Having an evergreen post means that your blog remains in demand. Your target audience is satisfied, and you can go from a writing enthusiast to a professional blogger.

how to choose the best blog topics

#5 Listen in on Social Media Conversations

Throughout this post, I have been asking you to listen to what your audience is asking. What if you are a complete newbie, and you are still trying to find your feet and find your audience? Yes, this is possible, and I have the solution for you with a very simple answer.

Check out what your potential audience is saying online. Join Facebook groups that are directly relevant to your niche market. Check out their questions, their anxieties and you will find a huge source of topics and information that are directly relevant. Finally always remember that even if you find the best blog topics, your audience is evolving. So allow yourself some flexibility in order to be able to grow with your audience. If tastes and needs shift, you must always move along with the flow.

Even when you think that you have your target audience figured out, and can, therefore, give them the best blog topics, you still need to keep understanding what your target audience needs. They evolve and you need to evolve alongside.

Always make a list of your daily targets, what you want to give your audience in order to keep them coming back. List your blog titles, refine them, and hone in on your calls to action. Bottom line this is what will pay for your blog!

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