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What is a Blog? Why should you blog? Sounds like a pretty straightforward question. A blog is a digital journal, which can be treated like a diary that is constantly updated. It is a way by which you can make your voice heard and share your knowledge, your passions, your thoughts and your experience. A Blog is a way in which you interact with an audience that is interested in what you have to say. In this post today we will delve into different reasons of why you should blog.

Why You Should Blog! A Heartfelt Approach To Sharing Your Life

Over the years, I have been interested in many subjects. When I was young, I was a budding actress and artist rolled in one. Later, I started studying finance and this took a huge chunk of my life away. My dedication, studies, and perseverance turned me into a professional trader. Later I went back to my art and started painting furniture, which eventually led to opening my first “Chinese furniture shop”. Travelling was always a priority, and later it became an obsession.

When all is said and done, none of these passions and hobbies that have changed my life in all aspects, have given me the total satisfaction that blogging has given me. Singularly blogging is what has not just changed my life, but it has changed the way I can live my life.

Blogging Is a Life Changer – This is Why I Started Blogging

Blogging for me started off as a challenge. I was confined to a bed for a number of months after a severe car accident. This necessitated that I fill up my time constructively, as I would otherwise have gone cuckoo! It also created a basic need for me to search my soul, and find a way to express my acute pain and fear. In the midst of this drama, I took a blogging course on Udemy.

Blogging turned from a challenge to a passion. The more I wrote about how I was feeling and shared my experience, the less pain I felt, and the more interest I got back in feedback. Other patients started sharing their stories, and suddenly it was no longer about myself, but about the way in which to deal with pain and loneliness. My story, my blog, started shaping my new life.

Although you will find a lot of information on the net about how to blog, and why you should blog and make tons of money blogging, my best advice is that you look inside your heart and find what your personal and innermost core is telling you to share with others. Find your unique voice.

Here Are Some Thoughts on Why You Should Blog

#1 Blogging impacts lives.

Your writing will impact the life of others, but in reality, it will impact yours in a much stronger way. Once you start reaching out to a loyal audience and interact with them, you will find that many people are listening, learning, and sharing their lives with you. Your writing will turn you to look harder inside yourself and give the best of your thoughts, your passion, your experience and your knowledge. Your interaction will, in turn, make you a better thinker.

#2 Blogging will make you a better communicator.

In the process of sharing your innermost thoughts, you will find that another reason why you should blog, is that you will become a much better communicator. This will happen naturally. It is not something that you will learn at the drop of a hat. It will just happen. The benefits are clear. Becoming a better communicator will have an overall improvement in all your life. You will soon find that your relationships with your family, friends and your work mates will improve too.

#3 Blogging will give you a better purpose to life.

It took me a while to realise that whilst I was writing about my pain, my frustrations, and my suffering, I was, in fact, shaping a better life for myself. The original intention to share my misery, soon dissolved and forged into having a stronger purpose to living.

Finding a good reason for why you should blog, can be the sole purpose of shaping a better you.

#4 You will find structure and discipline in life.

Blogging requires time, thought, and dedication. It needs to have devotion and perseverance. Blogging a few pages may start giving you rewards, but it also presents a challenge and commitment. The value of your blog is as good as your last post. Being consistent with your thoughts is of the essence. You will have “off days” when you are not feeling up to writing your daily post. However, knowing that your audience is waiting for your next set of thoughts, is enough motivation to give you the discipline to sit down and blog. Therefore, structure and discipline are another great reason for why you should blog.

#5 You will become a better thinker and better judge.

The stronger your blog will become, the more thought you will put into it. You will not just scribble your everyday trivia. Instead, you will filter your subjects, and make them more meaningful. Bearing in mind, that you are touching someone else’s life with whatever it is you are writing, or saying, you will pick more meaningful and valuable subjects to discuss with your audience.

#6 Blogging will open a new world of friendships.

Let us face it, you want your blog to reach as many people as possible. You will want to have your voice heard because you believe it is meaningful. You know that your blog is becoming a success when your audience will start reaching out to you. This can take different forms. People leave comments in your comment boxes. Others reach out by sending you an email or finding you on social media. Whichever way, when your community starts reaching out, you know that this is a great reason for why you should blog. You will soon build new relationships and new friendships.

#7 Your Unique voice will become an inspiration to others.

If you have unique content to share with others, you will touch the lives of others. Because blogs are free and it is open to the public in general, it is the ultimate gift of giving. It also places a fair amount of responsibility on your shoulders, and that is why you should blog responsibly. Knowing that your experience, your passions, and your feelings can impact others is a wonderful feeling. Your responsibility is to share it. If you have the desire and the knowledge to start your blog, your rewards are limitless.

#8 You will make money blogging.

Although at the outset, the intention for why you should blog may be to share your thoughts, you will find that once you have a captive audience, you can also make money from your blog. Whether it is just a few dollars a month to hundreds of thousands as the case with popular blogs, it is always great to get value from your hobby.

#9 You will become a more confident YOU!

Yes, this is a great reason for which you should blog. You will become much more confident in your own skin. The more your blog is read, the better known you will become. Although there is no sensationalism in becoming a well-followed blogger, it does build you confidence levels. The advantages are clear. If you are more confident, you are better placed to face the world, your audience, and take your blogging to public speaking and whatever else you would like to do with your life.

#10 Blogging is a Free Hobby!

You do not need to spend tons of money to start blogging. All you need is invest in a good hosting company, where you can register your domain name, and keep a record of your daily journal. I use and recommend Bluehost. They are mindful that many people are on a tight budget and they offer packages from as little as $3.49 per month.

I cannot conclude this post without expressing my gratitude to the many subscribers who write to me every day and make blogging worth my while. I also want to impart a little bit of the wonderful rush I get every time I get positive feedback. The little skip I feel every time I have a new Facebook follower or someone hearts my tweets.

Thank you for following my posts, my shares, my tweets. I hope that this post will give you all the good reasons for which you should blog.

I have also written a very helpful post that you may find useful and can help you get started. “How To Start Your Own Blog”  If you want to reach out please send an email to team(at)setmefreefinancially.com.  You may also like to join our YouTube Channel for inspirational posts.

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