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Can I get paid to Travel The World?


So what if you could get paid to travel the world? This ultimate guide will give you great ways to get paid while travelling the world.

What if I told you that Yes You Can! You can travel the world and get paid! Whatever stage in your life you are in, there is always a way in which you can satisfy your wanderlust and still get paid for it.

As a seasoned travelling who has literally covered every corner of the world, to-day I use my experience to get paid to travel the world. Here are a few ideas which are suitable for travelling the world without spending a penny!

Here are 10 Ways in Which You Can Get Paid to Travel the World!

  1. Get Paid to Travel As a Tour Guide

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You would be surprised just how many local companies would be looking for people like you to lead tours through some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Here is where you need to decide what makes you tick. Are you huge on history, culture and art? Do you dream of leading hordes of tourists through the Sistine Chapel in hushed and muted tones?

Or are you dreaming of sun-drenched beaches, with pregnant coconuts hanging from palm trees, softly swishing on virgin beaches? Leading a tour to Phuket in Thailand or Cebu in Philippines would match your dreams and heaven.

You may be a romantic, and want to discover Paris over and over. And as such walking through the cobbled roads of Montmartre and looking over the shoulders of artists producing impressions of Bastille, would be more your style.

All of these options are a great way to get paid to travel. This is where you will need to decide whether you want to stay in one place and freelance. This usually means that your earnings will be erratic and uneven but during high seasons you will probably make enough to tide you over throughout the year.

Become A Long Term Guide!

Alternately, you can choose to become a longer- term guide and work on a contract with a touring company. The advantages are stability and a regular pay-check. However, you may be bogged down to one place and will have to organise logistics and deal with difficult tourists for weeks on end.

Another great way to lead groups in different countries, is to start off by contacting travel tour organisers in your own country. Many offer opportunities to head tours starting from your country to wherever. In most cases, they also pay for a pre-familiarisation holiday, so that you can suss out the place in good time.

Whatever your choice, you must be prepared to be friendly at all times. Remember you are heading people who are on holiday with expectations to have fun. An extrovert personality is a must in this case.

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  1. Teach English Abroad And Get Paid to Travel

    Get paid to travel

Taking up a teaching job could be a great way of finding adventure in the remoter parts of the world. Take your pick from Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. Most of the countries, have international schools and therefore do not require you to speak their native language. More often than not you will be teaching a spectrum of students from a myriad of countries.

There is no time better than NOW to start teaching English and get paid to travel.

Most schools will require a certification for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This is known as the TEFL certification. Salaries can reach as high as $45,000 per year for U.A.E. and $35k in Asia.get paid to travel

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  1. Become a Flight Attendant and Get Paid to Travel

    get paid to travel the worldImage Courtesy of Meridien Air

Whilst this appears to be the most obvious, many people have no idea where to start! If you want to travel far and wide, and have down time to explore, then you should be looking for airlines that offer a variety of long haul flights. Serious companies like Emirates, Etihad and Cathay Pacific, have a multitude of destinations. They also offer excellent travelling benefits for relatives, accommodation, and salaries that could be anywhere between $25,000 and $50,000 a year.

  1. Work On a Cruise Liner and Get Paid to Travel

    get paid to travel

As long as you don’t suffer from sea sickness, this is another great alternative to becoming a flight attendant.

If you choose to work on cruise ships, you are bound to be seeing plenty of sea and quite a lot of destinations. The pay check is not as glamorous as that of a flight attendant and your are bound to have long working hours.

On the other hand if you are looking for free accommodation and all expenses paid whilst travelling this is a great option. Becoming a crew member is a fun culture. And the list of jobs you can do on a ship is varied. Although washing dishes holds no allure and will not hold up against taking passengers on exciting tours, it may be just the job that you can manage! And still get paid to travel!

Today there are plenty of Cruise Line Training Schools that will groom you and hand you a boarding pass to your cruise lining career. Many will offer a job at the end of their training program.

5. Start a Travel Blog

get paid to travel

In a recent post, we have gone into great detail on how to make money from a travel blog.  

Whilst being a professional blogger is a great way to get paid to travel, it is a tough job too. Most travel bloggers spend at least a year building their blog before it is “beefy” enough to be monetised.

Starting a travel blog requires good writing skills, and a consistent flow of interesting posts. Bloggers also need to build up their social media and have a good audience. This is when your travel blog will start paying for your travels.

However, if you are passionate about travelling, and do not mind dipping into your savings to finance the start of your blog, this is one great and liberating way of travelling without restrictions and getting paid for it.

Your only pre-requisite for this dream job is to really love travelling AND love writing at the same time.

  1. Become an Au Pairget paid to travel

If you love children and do not mind becoming the “extra pair of hands” around the house, becoming an au pair is a very nice way of life. Many international nannies become integrated in the families and usually get to travel extensively for a room, food and pocket money.

Au pairs are usually students on a sabbatical, or even graduates who want to experience a local culture and make some money before it is too late!   Sites like Au Pair World help to find you your ideal match in the countries you may wish to explore.

  1. Become a Destination Wedding Planner/Events Organiser

    get paid to travel

Ok, this does require some skill, and getting familiar with your goal destination.

However, in my years living in Bali, I have discovered that many people, who arrived in Bali, fell in love with it and wanted to stay, had no idea that they would end up making a career out of wedding planning.

Wedding business is a very competitive niche market. However, it is one that pays extremely well. Most wedding planners charge at least $10,000 for a medium sized wedding, and this would exclude commissions made from catering, photography etc.,

Once you acquire wedding planning skills, you can move around anywhere in the world, and build up your contact list. This would allow you to travel anywhere, get handsomely paid, and witness touching events.

Your only other requirement is to build a beautiful website, recording memories and selling your abilities. Learn How to Start a Wedding Blog!

  1. Become A Travel Photographerget paid to travel

Again, if you are hoping to get paid to travel and take photographs, you probably need to know a little bit more than holding the camera! This is not a job for novice photographers.

However, if you have a passion for photography, you have huge opportunities to sell travel photos. All you need to do is set up “shop” and sell your photos through platform like fotolia.

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  1. Become An Importer of Specialty Goods and Local Handcraftsget paid to travel

When I was first asked by Italian friends to accompany them to Hong Kong and translate Italian to English, I would never know that this trip would change my life.

Hong Kong was the mecca of fresh water pearls back in 1990 when I first went to Hong Kong. My small savings, which I used as my start up capital, turned out to be the best investment I ever did in my life.

When I got back to Europe, the pearls I had paid a pittance for, paid for my next trip, and left me spare change!

You will be therefore, literally diving into the exciting world of specialty goods and looking for exotic finds can be a very lucrative business.

You could look at genuine leather in Turkey. Or, hand carved wooden statues in Bali, and amazing pottery in Thailand. Not to mention hand made silver in Brazil.

This is a business that you can take to any level you like. You may look into buying enough goods to finance one trip at a time, or you may even want to concentrate buying in bulk and having the goods shipped over.

Once back home, all you will have to do is snap a couple of good photos, run around with a sample, and visit collectors or specialised stores. If this is daunting, you can always hit eBay.

Make sure that you are fully informed of customs regulations, both on export and import in departure and arrival destinations, and you are good to go. Many times, the price at which you buy, can be sold at ten fold the original worth!

  1. Travel Officially – Get a Government Related Postget paid to travel

    Image courtesy of

Therefore if you are the corporate type, and looking for a way by which you can balance travel and an income, you can consider government related work.

Peace Corps for example are government agencies that offer options to “volunteer” abroad. The key areas are Africa, Asia and Europe. Although the starting off part is as a volunteer, you need to bear in mind that the contacts made during the volunteer process almost invariably lead to very lucrative posts later. This is yet another way to get paid to travel the World!

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