Why Don’t Some Dreams Come True

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Why don’t some dreams come true? Let’s face it. We all have asked this question at least once throughout our lives.

And let’s also face another thing. We all are lacking in one proper and fully correct answer.

But the truth is, if you take a closer look at your or other people’s lives, it is not that difficult to say what exactly keeps us apart from our dreams.

Recently, we asked you on Twitter in our survey “Why do some dreams not come true? Is it our or other people’s fault?”. 83% of you chose “It’s our fault” as a correct answer. You can see the survey HERE.

Dreams are not easy to achieve. That is what makes them a dream. If it was easy, everyone would have it.

But this is why we need to leave our comfort zones in order to reach them. This is the hardest part for the majority of us. One of the wisest men I know tends to repeat to me:

“It is a success to win battles with others. But it is the greatest success to win one battle with yourself”.

So why do we lose this fight?

  1. Other People Pull Us Down.

If you still haven’t accomplished your goals, I guess your friends’ and family’s favorite word is “impossible”.

In fact, nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m possible”.

Would you truly dream it, if you knew it is not within reach?Dreams Come True

When we hear a lie for a thousand time in a row, we start believing it. Pessimism and discouragement are contagious.

Why do some people discourage us? Of course, they may be simply scared you actually achieve the dream. So-called haters who envy your ambitions and willingness to aim for something bigger.

But saying that everyone who pulls you down is a hater, would be far from the reality.

Some people don’t want you to pursue your dreams for other reasons. They may be worried about you. They don’t want you to struggle so much. They don’t want to see you working too hard or failing afterward. They know that your target entails sacrifice and rejections. They would prefer you to stay in your and their comfort zone and keep you safe from all of these dangers.

But if you actually show them that you know what you are doing and you are completely aware of all the risks you take, they will gradually start to trust you and one day they will totally forget that they had ever been against the idea. Of course, it doesn’t apply to every person, but as a general rule, you would be surprised how often it works.

People don’t believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself first. But if you do, they follow you.

  1. We Can’t Decode Our Dreams

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.



Of course, all of us dream of happiness.

But our definitions of happiness can vary.

Unless you have a real understanding of what happiness really means to you, you won’t be able to achieve it. It sounds cheesy but is not as simple as it seems.

Some people are constantly unhappy and do nothing with it as if it was the most normal thing ever. They simply get used to it or they choose it as a lifestyle. But you don’t have to be one of them!

It is much tougher to work hard instead, in order to achieve something great. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean winning a worldwide competition or becoming a billionaire. It can mean mastering a skill, setting up your own business, traveling to your dream destination or having a job that is not only a source of money but also satisfaction.

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  1. We Lack Motivation

Many of us undervalue the true worth of motivation. But in reality, we can’t do without it when we pursue our goals. Of course, not everything depends only on us – there are plenty of other factors that impact our lives. But a very wise quote says:

Life is 20% of what happens to you, and 80% of how you react to it.

Let’s not fool ourselves and be honest – we all are going to fail many times in the future. It’s obvious and it’s alright at the same time.

But failing shouldn’t discourage us (look at the 4. point).

I am certain you can think of any time in your life when you were greatly inspired by a unique movie you watched or a wonderful book you read. You felt like achieving something great and had so much desire to follow your dreams. You were ready to start at last. Maybe it lasted for a day or two, maybe a little bit longer, but the upbeat feeling finally faded away.

Of course, it’s good to surround yourself with any kind of sources of motivation. But the true motivation should come from the deepest parts of us. If it is so, it is always there when we need it and thanks to that, we are never dependent on others. People will come and go, have their ups and downs, but you will stay your own company for the rest of your life and in the end, it’s all only in your hands.

For example – on a daily basis, I teach people English language. I try to motivate my students to learn as hard as I can, but at the same time, I know that as soon as they leave my lessons, they need to find motivation in themselves. That’s why I encourage them to jot down on the first page of their notebooks all the reasons why they decided to learn English. By imaging the future they are heading for, it is easier for them to keep eyes on their goals.

People with goals succeed because they know where they are going.

The best method to stay motivated is to break your biggest goal down into small steps. I advise my students against aiming for fluency from the beginning. This goal is quite distant and may take a long time. Without the feeling of frequent but small achievements, we get easily discouraged because we can’t see our progress. We feel like we are not moving forward at all.

I only look back to see how far I have come.

  1. We Are Scared of Failing

We tend to think of a failure as an opposite of success. But in fact, it is a part of it.BlueHost

What failure is to you? A scratch or a tattoo?

In our previous articles, we presented a few inspiring rags-to-riches stories of famous entrepreneurs who failed before they succeeded. The list can go on and on.

Think of Van Gogh who sold only one of his paintings in his life – and what’s more, he sold it to his brother.

Think of J.K. Rowling who was rejected by publishers before “Harry Potter” was released.

Think of Michael Jordan who missed above 9000 shots and lost 300 games and today he repeats:

“I can accept the failure, but I can’t accept not trying”.

We learn only from mistakes. Be ready for them but treat them as lessons not as punishments.

They don’t define you, but only take you closer to your goal.

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  1. We Adjust To Others

Being different is not the easiest task ever. Sometimes we find it hard to stand out. People don’t usually like extraordinary individuals – they seem to be strange and can be perceived as a kind of a danger. Of course, this situation is not always so extreme. But it’s impossible to deny the fact that haters usually target those who are a little bit different.

Being different means also not settling for average. If your goals stand out from the crowd, people will be surprised, confused and skeptical. But this is not a good reason to adjust to them.

They laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at them because they all are the same.

Be the person one can either love or hate – and nothing in between! Naturally, you will face criticism and come across mean and pessimistic people. But if you find the internal motivation in yourself and if you trust yourself enough, you can make it through!

Work so hard that one day your haters will ask if you are hiring. 



The list goes on and on. They are various more reasons why our dreams do not come true. In general, though, the majority of them originates from inner parts of us. Believe it or not, your attitude and motivation are what counts the most on your way to your dreams – whatever the dreams are.

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Keep in touch! And believe – dreams come true. Let them. 🙂


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Dreams Come TrueDreams Come True

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