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I guess we all aim at living a simpler life, free of clutter and noise.  It is an attractive notion, especially if our lives are full of noise and close to a burn out.   It is probable that you yearn for moments when you have less to stress about.  Most love the idea of having a lot less to clean. Many would dream about having less debt to manage or less events to organise.

The goal of a minimalist lifestyle is to have more energy, time and money in order to throw yourself into your greatest passions.  However, the first question that will obviously course through your mind is “How On Earth Do I Do That?” It is the first moment when you experience decluttering paralysis.

In this post on minimalist lifestyle, we will look into ways to declutter your home.  The resulting effect on this, will leave your freer, and will also set you on the path of Setting Yourself Free Financially!

Anxiety – Overwhelm and Defeat – Natural Feelings before finding Ways to Declutter Your Home.

For many of you who are tempted to go into the process of decluttering your home, the natural feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and defeat, could easily cloud the initial enthusiasm.  However, decluttering your home does not have to been a painful exercise.

In this post today, we will discuss some pretty creative ways in which you can declutter your home.


  1. One Thrash Bag at a Time!

The journey to decluttering starts with baby steps.  If you set yourself unattainable or huge targets, you will only end up being demoralised and defeated.  Therefore, your decluttering process starts one step at a time.

In a recent article on “CasCade Cleaning” Colleen Madsen explains how looking for a correction pen, led her to throw away at least five useless things on her bedside table.

One honest question to ask yourself when starting out to fill your first thrash bag is “how desperately will I panic without this item?”  If you answer on a scale of 1 – 100 is less than 50 – go ahead and use the trash bag!

  1. From Your Wardrobe to the Garage!

The easiest way to quickly fill your first thrash bag and continue to the next is by attacking your wardrobe.  I usually ask myself a very simple question.  Have I worn this item of clothing anytime last year?  If my answer is no, then it is time to fold and give!

Procrastination is the biggest stumbling block here.  Clothes hold memories, and may be difficult to part with just for the sake of nostalgia.

I also like to do another experiment which really helps me declutter my wardrobes fast.  I will only allow myself to shop for new clothes, if I reduce the equivalent in old ones. A great way to help you organise your clothes and eliminate the ones which you truly do not need is to follow Oprah Winfrey’s Bedroom Closet: Reverse Hanger Trick – Peter Walsh goes on to discuss how the queen of clutter has learnt how to move the unnecessary from the wardrobe to the garage with her reverse hanger trick.  Although not purely original to Oprah, this concept is a simple trick to help you identify the clothes you will never wear any longer.

  1. Target Giveaways.

There is nothing that will make you feel better than giving something you need less, to someone who needs it more!  Target giveaways of items which are not as vital to you any longer, and identify friends and family who will make you feel totally enriched by their gratitude for your gift!

  1. Stop and Not Think!

The biggest clutter that we live with exists in our head.  Decluttering our mind and freeing up mental space is probably the quickest step towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

In her article Declutter Your Mind and Free Up Mental Space,  Marelisa Fabrega explains how a cluttered mind will result in restlessness and confusion.  Her article is a practical guide into how to free up space in your brain and live a better life.

  1. One Room At a Time

The process of decluttering your home starts one room at a time.  It would help to focus even on one area per room, and gradually work your way to cover the whole room.  Starting your storage space at a time, or even one shelf at a time could be a minimum target which is not daunting.

If you go about decluttering your home with the butterfly syndrome and flit from one area to another you will only lose focus, and get tired of the job very quickly.

  1. Cook Up a Story for Motivation.

One story I like to play-act with myself, is a situation, where a rich buyer has made me an irresistible offer for my house, on the premise that I vacate it in a month.

There is nothing better than a good dose of imagination, to help you set targets.  This story could easily be a reality for most, however, it is an excellent example of a story for motivation to help you get organized and declutter your home.

  1. Make Money Whilst You Declutter Your Home.

What better motivation than to divest yourself of the unnecessary and make money at it!  If you collect enough stuff after your first month of slowly by steadily decluttering your home, you will probably end up with enough stuff to organise a car boot sale or even a garage sale.

Engage all the family in this exercise as a game and fun.  Promise the kids to keep 50% of any of the cash raised from any of the items they are prepared to live without. Who better to sell stuff than the person who has used it and enjoyed it? It also creates the mind-set for decluttering your home with family sharing.

Set the “event date” and have everyone working towards the same goal!

  1. Use Reverse Psychology to Declutter your Home.

How can reverse psychology help you with your new minimalist lifestyle?  Reverse psychology is a great way to help us overcome declutter paralysis.

Basically this is an exercise, where you get yourself to do something, by suggesting the complete opposite of what you want to achieve.

A good example would be to look at a particular item that you are not sure whether you could put in the “remove box” and ask yourself how much of your monthly allowance are you prepared to allocate in order to buy it again today? The higher the price of the item, the quicker you would leave it behind this time round.  If you would not buy it again today at this current price tag, you could have lived without it all along!

  1. Passion for a Challenge.

In her “Simple is the New Black” on the blog Project 333 Courtney Carver talks avidly about wearing less in order to declutter your home.  For this minimalist lifestyle blogger, her passion for challenge led her to stimulate people to wear just 33 articles of clothing in three months.  You may not target 33 items in 90 days  – which practically means you roll over an item just three times in three months – you may want to challenge yourself with more or less numbers.  However, the challenge is set! Having a specific target is creating the correct mindset.

  1. Meditate for Five Minutes Per Day.


Although this partially follows article No 4.  Learning meditation and a Zen Way of life is the best start of a minimalist lifestyle.  Enjoy lighting up a scented candle, and put on some spa music, and sit still.  You will gain energy that will help you focus on the task ahead of decluttering your home, and eventually having a simpler life.

A daily walk around the block with force focus on how much less you need in order to live more will also be a very refreshing help to a chaotic mind.

The above ten tips are just guidelines to help us achieve the ultimate goal of freedom.  Freedom from financial burden, freedom from stress, and freedom from clutter.

A less cluttered you, is a happier you!

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    Hi Mam, GREAT ! You convey the impression as if you have an implausible knowledge on home minimalist lifestyle and it’s your gratefulness for giving out and imparting your knowledge and blog with others.

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