How to Create Your First WordPress Post

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WordPress has been built as a blogging platform.  Until today it remains the best platform for bloggers due to its amazing features.  Creating a new post on WordPress is dead easy.

This article will teach you to create content. Check out this article to learn more about designing your website and other tips.

Here are the Simple Steps on How To Create Your First WordPress Post


You will need to start off by logging into the Admin Area of WordPress.

Go To Posts Menu and Click Add New.

Now we are introduced to the post Editor Screen

On the left-hand side, you have the area where you will add your content.

This is where you will include:

  • your Post Title
  • your Post Body
  • the Excerpt


On the right-hand side, you will have other features which include:

  • Categories under which your Post is placed
  • Tags to Add that are relevant to the content of your post
  • Feature Image

create your first WordPress post

How to Create Your First WordPress Post – Adding a Title to Our Post

The Title is what will be displayed on the post you will publish.  When you have a visitor, this is the first introduction that he will meet to your post. Therefore placing attention to a title with impact is important.

Make your title AWESOME AND ENTICING. This is what will attract your audience to click through and read your post.

Your Title is also important because it is what will be displayed in search engines eg., Google or Bing when someone is looking for a topic related to your post.

Keep Titles around the 50-60 character range so that they display well in search engine results.

Title: Compelling Blog Post Titles

How to Create Your First WordPress Post

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How to Create Your First WordPress Post – Creating Content

Now we move into the Content Part of our Blog. Generally speaking, a post can be of any length.  However we should keep our posts above 300 words otherwise, Search Engines will not consider them worthy enough for placing.

WordPress gives you two views of your content page.  You have the Visual Page (which is what is looks like for a normal viewer AND WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET WYSIWYG) and the Text side which is more HTML related but which has a great impact on how your post will eventually look like.

You can switch from one side to the other anytime and check your work on Preview.

How to Create Your First WordPress Post

How to Create Your First WordPress Post – How to Preview Your Work

You can hit the preview post anytime.  This will give you exactly what your viewers will be seeing when your post is live and published. Therefore, this is where you can see it as your viewers will be seeing your post.  However, you are still in time to fix anything you don’t like at this stage.

And don’t worry, you will not lose your work.  The preview opens in a new browser, so you can revert back to your post anytime and resume your work.

How to Create Your First WordPress Post – How to Add Images to Your Post

WordPress was intended to be extremely user-friendly!  You can add photos, illustrations, graphics and even videos to your post very easily. Therefore, even if you are a newbie you will succeed.

Click on the ADD MEDIA BUTTON.

How to Create Your First WordPress Post

Image Courtesy of………. In this case is not necessary because we created our own work

NEXT, go on Insert Media and you can simply drag and drop your files into your Media Library.  They are automatically stored.

This is the point where you add some information about the images you are adding.  Give the image a caption title,  ALT TEXT – which is important for SEO and even a description.

You can always check on the display information to ensure that your data is all correct.  You can also link the images.

 how to create your first WordPress post

Word of caution.  If you are “borrowing” photos from the internet, make sure that they are not subject to copyright.  And ethically always give credit to sites where you are borrowing images from, even if they are free of copyright.

Next, you want to decide on the display size of the image.  WordPress gives you many options on size and how it is displayed.  You can select the size, and the position of the image from the drop down menu of the display settings.

Remember, horizontal or landscape photos display much better than vertical or portrait images.

When using a portrait image, you may wish to use it on the side and have text on the side of the image.

How to Create Your First WordPress Post – Your Feature Image

Always use a Feature Image.  This image is what will tell your subscribers at a glance the nature of your content and will get them curious to stay on and read your post.

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Headers and Titles

Structuring your first post is very important.  Just as we learned at school, a post should have:

  • An Introduction
  • A Body
  • A Conclusion

Consider heading and sub-heading in your post which will make it an easier read for your subscribers.

Using Headers will also highlight the contextual importance of your post. As you can see this post is full of Headers.  They have all different sizes depending on which part of the post they are in.  This is relevant to their contextual importance.  Hence, a reader will be led from one subject to another.

Once you are set you can check your post again on the Preview Function.

If you are happy with the post all you have to do is Hit the PUBLISH BUTTON.



Create your first WordPress post

Congrats! You have just learned how to create your first post!

Now it is time for…

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