Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

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Making money with affiliate marketing is a business that can be achieved by anyone who has self-motivation and a degree of focus. In this post we will discuss, what affiliate marketing is, and some the common mistakes that new affiliate marketers make. Being forewarned is being forearmed. Therefore if you are new to blogging, and hoping to make money with affiliate marketing, this post is written with you in mind and heart.

What is Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing Explained

affiliate marketing deskIn simple terms – affiliate marketing is a contract between two parties. On one hand you have a seller also called an advertiser. On the other end you have a publisher or a blogger (like you are potentially if you are starting your blog), who is ready to promote the seller’s product in exchange for a commission.The final recipient is the consumer. The consumer or the buyer is the party that will actually buy the product by clicking on the advertisement, or by filling a form. This action takes the consumer from your blog, directly to the seller’s website. This is called a “lead”. If the buyer or consumer decides to take action and actually buys the product, this is then called a “conversion”.


So How Does Making Money with Internet Marketing Actually Work?

clicksure affiliate networkThe internet is a fascinating new world, which has made it possible for everyone to work from the freedom of his own home, and at whatever time of the day. However, it can also be rather daunting world, especially for a new blogger. Terms like “cookies”, malware, and spam may be technologically challenging! But do not worry! There is nothing that cannot be explained and sorted and we can assure you that you will soon be on your way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Cookies – A cookie is something you want to spread around! It is a fantastic technology that works on browsers to store information. For example, do you ever notice, that if you visit a site regularly, the minute you start typing in the name, it pops up immediately? Cookies store a user’s preferences. Another example is when you opt-in for a website to “remember” your username and password. Those are all smart cookies! They are simply remembering your visit, and will quickly re-surface the minute you start browsing the subject again in future. Ads will suddenly appear when you search the web for instance for “travel deals”. If you were wondering why they appear, as though reading your mind, the answer is very simple. It is because you have been “cookied” Don’t let this worry you. It is perfectly harmless.

Cookies are Your Best Friend to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing.

However, in terms of affiliate marketing, these cookies are your best-friend. The cookies you spread store the date and time of the click. They remember a user and suggest your site and your ads immediately they start browsing for related subjects. Whenever a user visits your blog or your website and clicks on one of your advertiser’s product, the user’s browser receives what is called the CJ tracking cookie. This identifies, the publisher (you), and the advertiser (the one who will pay you the affiliate commission). The information is stored in what is called link information. Even if the visitor does not make a purchase there and then, whenever he returns to the advertiser’s product, your link is already embedded in his search.

How Do You Obtain Your Affiliate Links to Start Marketing?

Affiliate links are unique URL that will contain your special ID or username. These links are what record the traffic that is being sent from your blog or your site. These links are either provided directly by the advertiser, or else can be found in a “Links Bank”. Links Banks are platforms where as an advertisers, you can browse for products to sell on your site, and which are relevant to your niche market. Such Links Banks include “ClickSure” and Amazon to name just a few.

How To Choose Best Affiliate Advertiser

Many bloggers usually start blogging without a pre-conception of monetizing their blog. Usually blogging is used as means of sharing your passions, expertise or even to build authority in the particular niche that you are impassioned with. However, as soon as you start seeing traffic moving from your blog, it is quite normal to start wondering whether it is possible to also make money from affiliate marketing.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it is very easy even for beginners to get started on marketing. By promoting an advertiser’s product, you will soon start making commission from Aff Marketing. However, a small word of warning, do not just dive into a myriad of adverts on your site. Never lose the wood for the trees. Remember that you are earning commission by selling someone else’s product. Therefore, you need to stop and think on a few things before you dive headlong.

Do You Believe in the Product You Are Recommending?

One very important thing that you should never lose from your focus is that people are visiting your site because of its valuable content! Your subscribers list starts growing, because you have built a trust link with your subscribers. That is much more valuable than the Cookie Link! If you have no traffic, or if you lose your existing traffic from poor quality material, your adverts are as good as valueless.Therefore, one thing you should consider is whether you actually believe in the product that you are recommending. Are you happy advising your community of followers to use this product? These are important questions you need to answer to yourself. Once you do, then you will choose the products that you want to partner with more strategically.

Although this looks pretty obvious, you would be surprised by how many new bloggers, flit from one product to another, without having even tried the product. This can only lead to trouble when the consumer asks questions, to which you may have no answer.

Want to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? Mistakes to Avoid as a New Affiliate Marketer.

Naturally speaking, once you start affiliate marketing, you will want to make to start making money immediately. Your biggest trap will be to run off to all the four corners of the world chasing after adverts, when in fact this will really affect your long term possibility of success. As explained earlier, you must focus on helping rather than selling! If your content is good, the selling will happen by itself. Do not force feed it to your select audience.

  1. Avoid Too Many Adverts – do not fall into the temptation of joining every affiliate program that you come across. It may become a management problem, checking on leads and a time waster. You could be focusing on valuable material.
  2. Test the product. Clicksure for example has such a wide variety of offers on the same subject, that it can be confusing to pick up the best offer, even in your own niche. Therefore put yourself in the shoes of your potential client. Would you buy this product yourself? Next bit of advice, once you have selected the product, make sure that you follow up and see how many leads or hits you had on the product. Is it worth following up?
  3. Track your product! Make sure that the product you pick is followed by your Affiliate Link. This is not just important to cash in and make money using affiliate marketing, but it is also a great way to do market study. You should always know where the product sale came from! Amazon and Clicksure offer so many possibilities that you could lose track of which product you have promoted. Seeing a sale accumulating in your Clicksure account is great, but it is not enough information. Knowing which product is selling best, is a great way to channeling your campaigns.
  4. Compare – Find out what your competition is selling. This is a very good sales tactic. Always browse and “troll” top ranking sites and see what it is that they are selling. You can only stand to learn from professionals. Copying is not a sin, it is the highest form of complement.
  5. Give your subscribers options on the same product. By giving them possibilities to compare within the same niche, you can offer not just valuable content, but great options. Make sure that if you are offering three products, that are similar but each has its own variable, to plant your affiliate link in each of them. Any choice made will make you money with affiliate marketing.

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Conclusion – Can I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

In a very recent and interesting post “The Telegraph” has actually tested out how many bloggers make six figures with internet marketing. It is definitely confirmed that anyone can start an online business and earn six figures. This will not only give you financial freedom but it also give you the freedom of living life on your own terms.


Are you new to Internet Marketing? If you are a complete Newbie, we recommend that you read our post on “How to Start Your BlueHost Blogpost” and get started on your quest to “Set Me Free Financially”   Do not hesitate to contact us on the comment box below or send us an email on team(at)



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