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How can I Add My Basic Income

How can I make some extra money from home, or how can I make extra money online? Whether it is just some additional pocket money, or a second income, any extra money is welcome.

There are plenty of LEGITIMATE ways of making extra money from the comfort of your home. You may be a stay home mum, taking care of your toddlers. Or you may be university student struggling to pay you university loans. You could be holding a full time job but would like to take a nice holiday break. Whatever your circumstances, making a bit of extra money is probably easier than you think. You do not need to have a university degree to make extra money online! You do. To need to go to college become rich. You need to be street smart and follow my examples. In this article, I will review ten possibilities of making extra money online. I have been a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years. However last year I decided to hand over my furniture business to my family and start blogging. Before I quit being CEO of my furniture business, I did not believe that I could make five figures monthly within a few months of starting my first blog.Today, I can live my travel dreams and visit previously impossible destinations, whilst still doing a job I love. I do not have to worry about employees or reaching steep sales targets to make their salaries. What I make after paying a few expenses and my taxes is mine to keep and enjoy. I do not have to worry about keeping hours. I work because I am motivated.

My blog is about living the lifestyle I have craved for, and earning a regular income whilst I do it. As a full time blogger, what I love best about my job is that I am not chained to a desk, and that I did not need start up capital. You do not need to invest years and too much money to reach success, you just need to get to work!

I will give you ten real possibilities, to start you off earning from as little as $500 a month to five figure digits, which may eventually lead you to a new career.

Making extra money online has never been simpler. There are a few questions which you MUST honestly answer to yourself first.

What do I enjoy doing?

What am I competent at ?

How much time can I allocate to make extra money online?

Am I prepared to take some time to learn?

Do I want this badly enough to make it happen?

How much extra money do I want to make?

These are simple questions which only you can answer. The key question is probably how ambitious are you to make extra money online? If your
answer is a good doze of ambition, you are on your way to success. Have the DESIRE TO SUCCEED!

Here are the ten easiest entries to Make Extra Money Online.


1. Start your own blog

If you are interested in anything under the sun, you can start your ownblog to make extra money online. You can start your blog from as little as $3.50 a month. Writing a few articles per month about anything you understand, or passionate about can turn your interests or hobbies into cash machines.

What will I blog about to make extra money online?

You can either look for a niche market and blog about your passion on the subject. You do not need to be an expert on the subject. You will probably become one as you go along your blogging experience. Or you may choose to write a little bit about everything you know. Sharing your life experiences can be resonant with millions of people. The journey has no destination. It is s pleasure ride. Be human, be honest and be sensitive when you write about life.

How can you make money from a blog?

Affiliate marketing is one way of asking money online. Whenever I refer any subscriber to anything on my blog, I make a small cut on anything they spend from my site. This is how I make extra money online working from anywhere in the world. Pay per hit on advertising is another way of making money from a blog.

How do I go about starting my own blog?

Once you have decided what you will blog about, you must find a name for your blog. Let us assume that you decide to blog about traveling in your own country. You pick up s name such as “holidays on the home ground “. You may either do a blogpost so the name would be This means that you are using the hosting from Blogpost.

Although this is fast and easy, I would not recommend it. I would certainly look directly at hosting my own blog. Therefore you can visit sites such as BLUEHOST who for as a little as $3.50 per month will give you a domain name which would be plus host your posts. If you are not sure what hosting is, let us say it is the bank that stores all your posts in one place. After that I recommend that you use WordPress for structuring the frame of your website.



2. Learn how to trade binary options to make extra money online.

If you are passionate about the Forex Market and want to trade with a small start-up capital, it is possible to trade binary options. Binary Options are a much simpler form of trading. All you will need to decide is which direction a currency pair are going to head. This can seem to be as easy as playing videos. What you will need to know is How to Win the Game!

Get on top of your game by Learning how to Trade Binary Options. Start off by choosing a Recommended broker with a start up capital of just $250.

What are the Pros and Cons of Trading Binary Options?


  • You only need a small capital to start trading. SomeBrokers such as Tropical Trade  need only a $100 initial deposit.
  • You can trade on a Demo Account and practice safe trading until you learn the rules of the game
  • The platforms are very easy to use and there are plenty of free tutorials on how to navigate platforms. You may see one of my tutorials HERE.
  • Trading is Monday to Friday – for 24 hours sessions per day. Finding time to trade is therefore very easy. Use the weekends to learn more about trading.
  • There are plenty of financial tools such as CopyBuffett software, which can help new traders start off by following signals.
  • You may join a social trading group, and copy professional traders on your own account. You can do this immediately by checking out SocialTrading.
  • You can start earning decent extra money online immediately.


  • You need to invest a small start-up capital
  • You need to allocate time and learn a few tips about trading before plunging into the trading.
  • You risk losing your capital unless you familiariseyourself.

Trading Forex or trading binary options remains one of the most legitimate ways of making extra money online. It is a very liquid market, and the effort required to understand trading is not big. However, it is not appropriate for everyone. Passionate people, who have an aptitude to gambling, and who will become emotionally involved in trading, should avoid this avenue of making money online.


3. Can you write a good article? Try Freelance Writing

If you don’t yet have enough courage to start your own blog, you can make money practicing! If you enjoy writing from the comfort of your home, or even during your vacation, freelance writing is a perfect way to make some extra money online. How Do You Get Hired as a Freelance Writer? There are several platforms which you can visit and make your “pitch”.

“Fiverr” is possibly one of the easiest way to sell your skills. Fiverr is a great place to start off and get hired. Setting yourself up on “Fiverr” is as easy as ABC. You are given all the tools to make your perfect pitch. Traditionally your service should start at $5 hence the name Fiverr, however in reality, you can define your charges depending on the length of your post.

As a writer you can choose to restrict your introduction to $5 and then amplify your service charge depending on the amount of words per article. Fiverr will charge you 20% on whatever you earn, but the traffic to the Fiverr Site is huge and worth the commission paid. Expect to get your first job within hours of setting up your perfect pitch. Another great site which pays for writing jobs is Freelance Writers Den. This is their motto “Freelance Writers Den” is the supportive place where freelance writers learn how to grow their income — fast.” Freelance Writers Den is a very friendly writing site, which not only pays and engages writers, but also gives plenty of free tips to turn your daily writing into a profession which pays. Small word of advice. Writing guest posts or freelance writing can be a very lucrative job, but it will not net you six figures per month. It is Blogging and creating your own site which will give you your real profits to make you financially independent. Set up your own blog on BlueHost. Start uploading articles gradually to populate yours ite and set yourself up to making real extra money online.


4. Host Guests at home! Do you have a spare room?

Hosting guests in your spare time and spare space can be fun, and a great way to earn extra money online. You can advertise your space on several sites such as AirBnb and Hosting is not just a fantastic way of making extra money online, but it is also a great channel to make new friends from all over the world. This will in turn give you the possibility of exploring the world if that is what tickles your fancy. Recommend Airbnb to friends and earn yourself credit for free holidays on top of getting cash for hosting. For myself, I love travelling. Every new destination on the globe has to have a friendly encounter. I prefer to host first and visit later. This gives me an advantage of getting to know my guests and decide whether I would like to spend time with them later. In my opinion Airbnb is the most user-friendly of sites to advertise your space. Airbnb charges 3% of your earnings, and adds another 12% to the bill of whoever rents your space. Payment is made directly to your account on the arrival date of your guests. There is no subscription fee to join Airbnb.

Advertising your space is very simple. You can first take a couple of photos of your space yourself but later ask for FREE professional photography services provided by Airbnb themselves. Write a good and loyal description of your space and you are good to go! Expect to receive your first enquiry within 24 hours of advertising. The team of Airbnb is young and vibrant and their service and support department is amongst the best in the world. They make a host’s life very simple by sending regular reminders of your upcoming bookings. They also offer a very great service called “instant book” where a guest may book your room on the “spot”. The calendar can also be synched easily with other sites, if you advertise your space on multiple sites. Airbnb does not do promotions to rank your space higher. Competition is very fair. They reward stellar hosts who get good reviews by pushingthem higher in their search engines. You basically earn your own ranking. Other sites like and HolidayLettings.Co.Uk and OwnersDirect have different plans, ranging from an annual buy-in fee and no commission, to no annual fees and up to 15% commission on your earnings.


5. Get Paid Playing on Facebook

Do you enjoy chatting on Facebook? Have you ever thought of monetising your page? Many people ask “Can you make extra money online chatting on Facebook?” The answer is YES! Stop posting random stuff on your page, even if it is useful to others, and grab the tips below. Turn your useful tips into cash tips! Do you have a page with a substantial amount of likes already? Do you  have plenty of added friends on facebook? If your answer is yes, you are set to start earning. If your answer is no, it is a good time to start building your facebook page.Click Here! Do you have a Page where you chat about something special? Do you have interaction on your page. Your page could be about anything. Any subject will work.

This is How You Make Extra Money Online on Facebook

Making Money on FaceBook is much easier than you think. You need two pre-requisites.

a) A sizeable FaceBook Page (does not need to be huge) – you can always grow it as you go along!

b) Have a strategy to turn your Page into a decent pocket-money.

This post on how to make extra money online will give you a few ideas on how to do that!

  • Publish Other People’s sponsored stories. If you have a good reach on Facebook, you will find that there are many
    companies who would like to reach YOUR audience. And they are ready to pay for it! If you are not sure where to start looking for companies who will pay for your audience loot at starting from IZEA.
  • Do you have a website with Adverts on your site? Are you an active blogger? Drive traffic from your Facebook Page to your site or blog and earn per click. If you grow a substantial enough Facebook Page, the earnings on your blog from diverted traffic will grow substantially. Moving your established audience from your Facebook Page to your blog will pay.
  • Tease your audience with a “Read More” link from your Facebook Page to your blog. The Facebook Page itself will not pay but your website will! If you still do not have a Website, you should be looking at building one. Building a website today is as easy as ABC. Visit BlueHost to pick up a name and hosting plan. Install WordPress. Pick a theme. Now you are set to go. If this sounds complicated you can learn how to set up your new site AFTER picking up your hosting plan Click Here!

Sell your Services on Fiverr.

Fiverr is probably the biggest marketplace for selling whatever little or much you know about anything.

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