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Just like any other business, Your Blog needs customers. Consider your blog to be the same as a shop.  You have visitors, and if you are a good sales person, you will entice your visitors to buy something from your shop.  Similarly, you need to convert the visitors on your site into customers.  This is called your CONVERSION RATE.

The higher the conversion rate – the more profits you make.

It is really as simple as that.

How to Build your Blog Audience – Converting Visitors to Customers

Build Your Blog Audience

  1. You need to build a relationship with your visitors and what’s more, you need to build trust.  This is the golden rule that we have already discussed in the previous video.
  2. You need to create unique and interesting “products” or “offers” to your visitors. The most effective products speak for themselves.  The more effectively you build your site, the better the results, you will see.
  3. Throughout your website, you need to lead your visitors more your content to your “product” by means of a CALL FOR ACTION.




Let us start with the practical ways to learn how to Build Your Blog Audience

Driving Traffic

Traffic can be obtained in three ways. They are the three key ways by which to create and build your blog audience.

  1. You can buy traffic
  2. Borrow traffic
  3. You create traffic – this is called organic traffic

You will need to figure out which is the best way for your website and overall business.

1. Paid Ads OR Google Adwords. These can cost you an arm and a leg! It all depends on your niche market.  You can reserve anywhere from $100 a week to $300 a day or much more.  These are the crazy budgets you need to pay in order to see results from paid advertising on Google Ads.   Paid Adverts on Facebook and LinkedIn are also an option and you can go on a softer budget, and still build a big audience very fast.

2. Borrowing Traffic. Traffic is borrowed from guest blogging.  Guest blogging means that you co-operate and write articles for other websites, ideally those who have more traffic than yourself.  By contributing valuable content to other sites and having your site given credit, you will “shave off” someone else’s audience and get a whole bunch of new visitors.  It obviously requires creativity and input.  But the results can be quite dramatic.

If you run your own YouTube Channel, you should try to combine with other YouTubers and create content together.

Build Your Blog Audience

There are tools that can help you boost traffic.  This traffic exchange service is called HITLEAP.  With the help of HITLEAP you can dive deeper into the subject of a joint venture and affiliate marketing.

#1 Build Your Blog Audience  – CREATING ORGANIC TRAFFIC.


Traffic is the natural traffic you create to your own site due to the valuable, entertaining, and relevant content that you put on your blog. It obviously takes a lot more time, however, you can literally gauge the growth from one week to another.

In order to get organic traffic you will need to FOCUS on SEO and post articles, videos and images regularly.  Regularly, in this case, means a few times a week.

You must also consider that once you get your audience hooked on your content, you will be expected to deliver interesting, unique content regularly.  Your audience becomes literally addicted to your posts, and you cannot suddenly stop and let it dry up.  If you do, your audience will quickly migrate to your competition.

Creating the right content is the key-phrase for organic positioning in search engines.  You must understand that what search engines look for (Google included) is that you are posting content that satisfies the curiosity, or requirements of your audience.  Therefore, your content needs to be relevant, interesting and transparent.

Bear in mind that if you write one article a day, or produce one video a day, you will end up with some 300 videos/articles in the space of one year.  The strength of 300 varied content is much bigger than the value of one post!

Be consistent and I guarantee that you will get results.

“Off days with comments like – Today I am too tired, or Today I do not feel like” cannot feature in your vocabulary – especially in the early months of your blog.

Your goal is to see your blog grow and generate profits.  That is your objective.  With that goal in mind, you should commit and enjoy your daily routine post.

Build Your Blog Audience


So now that we have a traffic free flow we are going to make people take some action and opt-in to our cash products.

What is an opt-in?  An opt-in is a form that is strategically placed anywhere on your blog, and which gets your visitors to commit to a subscription to your site and an email address.  This could be a pop-up or a static form.

Here are a few examples of strategic positions where you can place your opt-in form.  All this information is crucial to help you build your blog audience.

  • At the very top of your website. This is called the header.  It is striking and effective. But may be pushy.
  • You can add an opt-in in the navigation menu
  • You can close your blog post with an opt-in. Having been satisfied with the quality and content of your post, it is likely that a viewer will want to “have some more”
  • You can also put the opt-in anywhere in the “body of your post” especially if this is worded in relevance to your topic.
  • As already described you can have an opt-in as a pop-up which “pops up” either immediately someone starts reading your post, or when trying to navigate away from the post. Notwithstanding those pop-ups can be annoying, the fact that they are used by the biggest websites means that they are effective.
  • Finally, you can add an opt-in in your sidebar.

If you are looking for a professional looking opt-in form you can have a look on LEADPAGES, SUMO-ME, and Pop Up Ally.

What should you include in your Opt-In forms? Opt-in Forms are direct source of helping your build your blog audience

Naturally, you are not going to go for the “KILL” immediately. Remember that you are still building your confidence factor.

However, you can lead people to your inner circle by offering free bonuses and add-ons such asBuild Your Blog Audience

  1. Free Email Courses
  2. Printable Worksheet or Cheat sheets
  3. Surveys or quizzes
  4. Printables

These opt-in materials should be either fun or valuable.  They should be enough to engage your audience, but not too much that you will not lead them to your valuable content that you eventually want to get paid for. They are yet another great way to  Build Your Blog Audience.

#3 Build Your Blog Audience – Video Content.

The best way to convert traffic into sales are VIDEOS.  Facing the harsh lights of the cameras may be daunting for the beginning, but once you settle in front of your PC camera and just start talking to it, you will gain confidence and in time, you will produce very convincing and professional videos.

I strongly recommend that you create your YouTube channel which will augment your site.  Otherwise just add visual content to your site.

If you are looking at really engaging your audience, the best way to do it is via video.  Put yourself in there.  There is no better way of communicating.  Images and text blobs are fine, but they are impersonal.  When your product is actually visualized your visitors, who are in fact “your potential clients” will get a much better idea if your product is suited for their needs.


It is a fact that more than 70% of marketing professionals confess that their videos convert better than any other source or medium is enough to get you started!

Another important fact is that the average web user will spend 88% more time on any material that includes a video than on websites without video content.

And did you know that 64% of visitors to any site are more likely to buy a product after having watched a video presentation?

Videos reduce Unsubscribe rates by 26%

And the last bit of tit-bit news is that  69% of smartphone users find videos a perfect solution.  This is because it offers a source for Adelie Studios. (????)

There is no question that video content will  Build Your Blog Audience.

#4 – Build Your Blog Audience  – Growing Our Email List

Build Your Blog Audience

So our opt-in form has been set and we are starting to have a nice amount of visitors.  However, an email list is very useful in order to MAKE VISITORS return to our site.  A one time visit is great, but we really want recurrent visitors.

We want to create a client base, that returns to our site because they are interested in our content and they are anticipating all the exciting stuff that you will publish.

Why do we love emails?  We love emails because they are going directly to quality subscribers who are interested in the subject.  They are fast, they are low-cost and you can track results very accurately.

In the list below I have collected some ideas together on how best to broaden your email list.  Feel free to use any of my ideas, but think outside the box and create yours as well.

Seems like a lot so far? Time managing might me hard but crucial if you want to achieve your goals! You may need our free to-do task template. You can find it here: 

Ideas That Can Help Increase Your Traffic and Build Your Blog Audience

  1. Clear Call  for  Action. What easier way to widen your audience, then by asking your existing audience to share your posts?  If they liked it, most likely they know other people in their sphere who will enjoy it too.  Prompt them to share it.
  2. Sharing is caring. Make it nice and simple for your audience to share by adding all the relevant plugins such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Twitter etc.,  Let’s help them help us spread the word.
  3. We have already discussed pop-ups. Decide whether you are going to use a discreet or a bold pop-up.  The decision is entirely yours and usually reflects the style of your blog.  If you are gutsy and ballsy you will go for a blaring pop-up.  If your content is soft and gentle, you will probably go for a less invasive pop-up.  Whichever you choose will address your style of audience.
  4. A thank you will get you miles ahead. Therefore prepare and optimize your automatic thank-yous for your opt-ins.
  5. Engage your audience. Social media is usually the best spot to do it.  Facebook, for example, is the ideal place to trigger a question. Our article about Facebook Advertising may be useful. Challenging or curious questions, provoke engagement.  Use them to get response from your subscribers.  You may even highlight parts of your blog content, and pose it as a question.  This kind of engagement is very valuable and you can take it anywhere.
  6. Try collecting a number of people and start your webinars or speak out in events. The power of public speaking will grow and spread the value of your site.

If you thought this list is exhaustive you are wrong.  Here are a few more tips to help you Build Your Blog Audience

  1. Use plug-ins like AWeber. AWeber has a great signup called MailChimp subscribe.  Get people to subscribe from anywhere.  Social media, places at work, your site, at conferences. Collect the data, and through AWeber you are automatically connected anywhere.
  2. Prompt action with the classic “Early Bird Subscription” Create a motivational event or give a freebie to anyone who subscribes and enlists prior to “official opening” day.
  1. Be real. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and to tell people how much you are earning from your blog.  You would be surprised how powerful this is to engage people into committing with you. For example, Michelle Shroder built her large audience exclusively by giving a detailed monthly report on her earnings from “Making Sense of Cents”.
  2. Be Generous and give credit where it is due. Do not be afraid to give testimonials of other people’s work.  Just like I have described Michelle above, so not worry about giving credits and referrals.  There is a good chance that you will get as much back in kind.
  3. In the same light – keep a watchful eye of your competitors and try to collaborate with them. Competition is healthy, it collects a bigger audience.  By collaborating, you may be giving value to them, but you will share in their audience.
  4. Get noticed. There is no better way to collect instant audiences than by being exposed to other media.  Magazines, TV programs, web pages.  Anywhere where you could be interviewed on the creative subject of your blog.  Later all this material will be a useful reference of acknowledgment and recognition.
  5. Use Google Hangouts, webinars, teleseminars, you name it, to make your presence felt. Be present as a virtual guest on anything that is relevant to your blog.  These hubs are frequented by the same circle of people. Pretty much like watering holes.  The audience will start noticing your presence.  Make your presence noticed.
  6. Be a guest teacher in someone else’s paid program. There are more opportunities out there than you can actually believe.
Build Your Blog Audience

You’re on a good path to your blogging success! Are you ready for a little quiz?

We hope that these tips have been useful and eye-openers on some of the best ways by which you can  Build Your Blog Audience.

Tips on how to build your blog audience include interaction.  In this respect, we encourage you to share this article with new bloggers who may need it. Please leave your comments below and let us have your ideas and experience on how to build your blog audience.




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