Are You Book Smart or Street Smart?

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Which category do you fall under? Are you Book Smart or Street Smart? Which is the better option? On which side of the road are you walking? Are your financial successes related to the university of the street or formal education?

Book Smart or Street Smart – Which is the Better Option?

I have, to be honest, this is not a trivial question and not one I can give any judgment or opinion about. I know plenty of “rough diamonds” who have done more than fine without spending too much time in a classroom. On the other hand, professionals would argue that their success relates directly to their education.

Work Harder or Work Smarter?

There is no question that academics believe that their early years’ investment in studying, eases up the pressure when you are older. The argument is that when you invest time and energy in your studies at an early age, you reap a more comfortable life later. Hard work is not to be envied.

The concept of the 60 hour week has long been ditched for a 35 hour week with a weekend starting after Friday lunch – straight from the office to the pub! But the question remains, is this kind of lifestyle exclusive to book smart or street smart individuals are just as capable of living the same lifestyle of better?

In a survey conducted by UCU  it has been recently found that although book-smarts get higher paid jobs. However, their leisure time, in fact, is much lower than that of lower educated people.

Teachers are a classic example are destined to work a harrowing 54 hour week 
Whilst lower educated people are working an average of 35.2 hours in leisure time. Time which could be dedicated to watching soccer, socializing and gaming. Lower-educated women have up to 34.6 hours of leisure time but we do not dare to say they spend it on gaming and soccer. However, the use of Facebook socially (even during work hours) could be a testimonial for these hours.

Sadly, the same surveys reveal that the aggregate leisure time in lower-income groups is also emanating from growing unemployment.4-hosting

Book Smart or Street Smart – World Business Leaders Without Degrees

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak the two founders of Apple are arguably two of the smartest businessmen the world has ever seen. Neither of the two had college degrees.

Billionaires Bill Gates and Richard Branson of Microsoft and Virgin Brands respectively need no introduction with our readers – yet they have both sailed through life with their intuitive selves rather than with their university degrees.


Therefore there may be counter-arguments for the validity of college degrees vis-à-vis financial success.

Having said this, it is indisputable that the unemployment rate among people with a bachelor’s degree and those with just a high school diploma is as high as 9%. Only 3.9$ B.A holders are only looking at the possibility of not finding work as compared to high school diploma holders who are amongst the 13% without gainful employment.

Young Internet Entrepreneurs – Are They Street Smart or Book Smart?

In The Article Meet 20 Entrepreneurs who became online Millionaires before the age of 21 . We meet 20 teenagers who have made a lot of sound in the internet world with their blogging ideas.

Starting with Juliette Brindak of Miss O and Friends – who has a website worth more than $15 million that she started at the age of 10.  Andrew Sutherland of who at 15 started his own quiz blog and today hosts more than 350,000 players with 35 Million games online. Naturally speaking none of these young adults are of an age where they would qualify to have a degree.

Then we also have to meet Teenager Sam Cook whose father lent him $2000. Sam made $17.5 million trading the stock market. Sam Cook left school with just two GCSEs and had to struggle with his mathematics.

However, Sam Cook was interested in how the prices of food in supermarkets changed over just weeks. Sam’s father explained how the price of tea could change due to good or bad harvests. Sam starting predicting how the prices of any commodity would go and most often than not he was right.
So are Sam Cook’s results a direct derivate of being book smart or street smart.

4-hostingBook Smart or Street Smart – Is it too late to change?

The stories above are not the average Joe’s stories. However, they are still real stories and yes it is possible to have financial success in today’s world. You do not need to be a bookworm or having to split hairs studying.

Today’s super advanced social media systems and the Internet have made it absolutely viable for just about anyone willing to invest some time learning how to make money online. The advantages cannot be disputed. You can be street smart and make millions anyway.

All you need to do is focus and share your story in your unique voice. Or you can decide to sit down and learn how to trade. If you are looking for every opportunity to make money online, sign-up to this blog today and your street smart education will start here.2-trading

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