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A successful blog must start with great blogging ideas. Here is a practical guide to help you get your blog rolling and head for success. Would you like to build a Successful Blog? If your answer is yes, then we need to start with discovering the best blogging ideas.

Have you dried up on ideas? Are you losing your subscriber base because you are struggling to find interesting blogging ideas to keep your site alive?

We all know that it takes perseverance and massive determination to blog on a daily basis. However, we are also aware that engagement, and eventual success can only be guaranteed if we produce excellent content.

In this blog post, we are going to give you some practical ideas on how you can kick-start your blog business and keep it fresh and engaging.

#1 Keep it Simple with Listicles

What is a Listicle?

A “listicle” is an article where the core is a list of items. Example

10 Best Ways to Drive Traffic.

  • 5 Things You Must Not Do on your first date
  • 20 Travel Tips
  • 10 Things you Must Pack into your suitcase.

Why are Listicles so popular?

  • Listicles make easy reading
  • They are visual and fun to follow
  • They are usually brief and to the point

On the downside, Listicles could be non-sensical because they do not delve in any depth, and could be spammy. It is not the best business like approach!

Listicles are scientifically proven to work. It is simply not just a trendy way of writing for millennials.

This is also why we are adopting this writing style for our Blogging Ideas that are guaranteed for success!

best blogging ideas

#2 Google it or WikiHow it!

Show people that figuring out stuff can be fun.

Nowadays whenever you ask anyone anything, their first response is “Google it” or “WikiHow it”

People hate reading instruction lists. They love to get to the bottom of their question in a fun way.

This, in turn, will help you find your niche audience. You would be stunned to find out what people at Googling!

In a post by The Washington Post we find that:

On the Strangest things that people google in every state in the USA – we are looking at a variety of stuff. Whereas in California people are looking at prices of facelifts, tummy tucks, swimming pools and breast lifts – in Alaska the search is more focused on the price of a pint of milk!

Therefore, identifying your target audience, your niche audience and even your geo audience is going to give you a whole list of ideas of what people are searching for.

Let’s face it. Bottom line, you want your audience to engage by writing about topics that they are searching for.

best blogging ideas

#3 Politics, Scandals, and Gossip

Many agree that they go hand in hand. Whenever there is an election round the corner, the content for blogging ideas is simply fired up and absolutely abundant.

Scandals and controversy are synonymous with politics.   And ideas are totally polarized. Therefore be prepared to take some heat if you are swinging or leaning heavier on one side or another.

Gossip is the last of the spicy trio. No matter which part of the world you go to, you are guaranteed to be embroiled in petty gossip.

For some reason it is human nature to enjoy the juicy bits of information that should not be available. If you keep it smart and fun, and you love a good gossip, why not write about it – and try to keep it saucy enough to remain above board?

#4 Beginner’s Guides – Teach from the Beginning

101 Beginner guides make absolutely wonderful blogging ideas. And you are guaranteed to have a catchment audience.

Before anyone will take a trip to “advanced” anything, they need to have the baby steps mapped out.

Beginner guides do not just make excellent topics for your blog, they are an incentive to compile your 101 guide book and monetize it on your blog.

#5 Tell a very personal secret

If you are looking for perfect engagement, there is nothing better than to share your personal dreams and secrets. Pretty much like gossip mongering highlighted on #3 people love to know about the naughty little secrets of other people – especially the owners of a blog. It connects them into a common conspiracy.

#6 Sharing Your Travel Experience

Travel blogging is very popular but when you make this very real with your own videos and experiences, it creates instant engagement. Many people make a living entirely from writing about their travel adventures. Sharing your tips, like where to eat, best points of interest can be very useful. In case you have not traveled for a while, you could start with your hometown. Who best can give the most experienced tips of your hometown but yourself?

Remember to publish both your best and your worst experiences about a country. Worst experiences count for many. It is a great way to engage with an audience who has also had mishaps. Extend your travel writing to airlines and hotels.

Monetize this kind of blogging by engaging with hosts like  AirBnB.

best blogging ideas guaranteed for success

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#7 Great Giveaways make fantastic Blogging Ideas

If you ever thought about how many people engage with the site of GoPro you will understand just how much people love freebies. Write blog posts about where people can get free stuff. Use your blog as a gateway to other sites where your audience can win gifts. You will be surprised at the extent of new audience you will reach.

#8 Short of Blogging Ideas? Invite your subscribers to send you a guest post

Asking your readers to submit guest posts will immediately give you interesting and handy material. Most of your engaged audience has an expert understanding of your niche market.

Give a gift or a freebie to any published post and make this more engaging to your subscribers. People who are thinking of starting a blog will find your portal as a great gateway to get started.

Everyone feels flattered whenever their content gets published. Endorse it better but giving a token of appreciation.

#9 Share You Blog Income

There is no better way to get engagement than by showing people that you can actually make money online. Proving that your blog is profitable is possible the simplest way of getting attention and having a better conversion or selling rate from your blog. It is a simple blogging idea that really works.

Help other bloggers by sharing Google Analytics data. Give them analysis in important points.

One marketer who professionally shares her income on a monthly basis is Michelle from “Making Sense of Cents”. She has grown her business exponentially by sharing her statistics.

#10 Post a Picture – Use Inspirational Quotes

A picture can sometimes speak more than a thousand words. Images help readers visualize your thoughts and your feelings. It is simply an extension of awesome blogging ideas. Take it one step further by asking people to comment, like or share. This is what grabs attention and is guaranteed to give you more and more blogging ideas. Feedback is the best form of engagement.

best blogging ideas

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Blogging Ideas Conclusion

The list has been restricted to 10 topics that work. We could go on and on forever. However, there is one important tip! Keep your blogging ideas real. Keep them human and alive. Make sure that what you write is what real people can relate to and want to share. And a final word – Keep it simple. Your blog is not a competition for the next Pulitzer Prize in literature. It is a means by which you communicate your ideas, get engagement, and eventually, make a profit or a living.

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