How to Avoid Paying the Price of Success

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the price of successSuccess does come with a price! Despite the fact that we strive hard for success, success can eat us alive and burn us out. In this article today we will discuss how to avoid paying the price of success. We will look at success with an open heart.  And we will see what we should be giving up in order to be successful.

The Power and The Glory – Paying the Price of Success

In a recent article, I read a very inspiring post of  I came across this quote by an anonymous author

Somebody once told me the definition of hell

“on your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have been”

It is rare, that I have read something that impacted my life so much and made me reflect.

In the life I live now, I try to always wake up, and include a routine.  My routine is a one hour walk.  The physical exercise is great, but what is even better is the mental exercise.  I walk hand in hand with my soul.  I do not walk with headphones on.  And I let the energy flow and see what my mind and my heart will come up with.

When I read this quote – it certainly impacted my thoughts for a long time. What is the real price we pay for success?  Is the price worth the value? Time, for example, would be the first valuable cost of success.  How much time we spend away from loved ones and family.  Time for ourselves. And plenty more.  Success can drive you to work for dizzying heights, but it can also proceed in burn out.

the price of success

Paying the Price for Success – Is Burn-Out A Fair Price to pay?

Here are a few things that might be worth considering in order to avoid paying the ugly price of success.

#1 A Healthy Body is A Healthy Mind

the price of successYour body is the housing that carries your mind.  Without proper housing, your brain will not work well.  Living a healthy life style is the first step to avoiding burnout and paying the price of success.

Earlier I mentioned my morning walk.  There are plenty of reasons why sometimes I try to avoid my regular routine.  Sometimes it is too cold. Other times it is too warm.  I don’t have time is a classic one.  In the bigger picture, time is irrelevant.  The exhilaration and the high I feel after a long walk cannot be overlooked.  Besides, with exercise you pump your oxygen to your heart and brain, and your thought process becomes clearer.

If you think of all the time you will waste curing your body and your brain, if something goes wrong, you will never think that exercise is a waste of time.

#2 Stay Focused – Focus on your ultimate goals and do not see up to your nose

In a recent article, I wrote about THE MAGIC OF FOCUSI explained how important it is to set long term goals.  I also explained why keeping on the path of long term goals will make success easier to reach.

Cultivating a habit of focus and long term goals overcome the danger of seeing only as far as your nose.  Seeing the bigger picture will help you avoid falling into the trap of chasing your tail and going round in circles.  Now that is a waste of time!

#3 Dream Big – Do Not Be Threatened By Small Minded People

the price of successYou cannot dream big enough. No success story can ever start without a dream

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable. – Christopher Reeve

The secret of not paying a high price of success is by not allowing small minded people to influence your dreams.

Since you are determined to reach your goals anyway, you must do away with anyone who drags you down because your dream is not their dream.  Avoid the defeaters.  They are hard work.

#4 You Are Responsible for Your Own Success

Whether you fail or succeed the long hard process is identical.  You are simply responsible for your own success – just as much as you are responsible for your own failure.

Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.
It is up to you to give [life] a meaning.” Jean Paul Sartre

Once you have a clear understanding that your success does not rely on anyone but yourself – you will become responsible for your success.

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#5 Hard Work Should Not Be a Deterrent – It is Mindset

the price of success

I recently came to a candid quote which I found to be very true

You do not reach the top of the mountain by climbing with your hands in your pockets.

This is true of success on any level.  Both the body and the mind need training and hard work in order to achieve.  The mind needs training in order to achieve success.  On the same level that athletes focus their brain on developing their body, so do entrepreneurs need to focus their body on training their brain.

Anyone who is successful will know that you need to grow your mind in order to reach success without paying the price of a burn-out.

#6 Stop Living Under False Pretensions

the price of successHave a good look inside yourself, dream your dream and keep it real.  I am not saying dream small, but dream realistic.  Turn your dream into the reality without any false pretensions.

“Why do you pretend, when you can make it real? We like pretending to be someone else but the truth we just want to be ourselves.”
― Ann Marie Aguilar

Being true to yourself will also make you understand that there is no such thing as emulating someone else’s success.  Hold people you admire as your mentors, but find your own style for your own level of success.  False pretensions are a price you would pay for the price of success.  You owe yourself the truth.

#7 Do not Get Lost in Detail and Waffle

Being structured and to the point is a key to success.  If you get lost in detail and waffle you are only seeing the wood and losing the trees.  If you are lost in detail you will lose your focus.

With this, we also carry the responsibility of dishing away with being control freaks.  Sometimes, we beat ourselves up over something that is not EXACTLY as we would like it to be.  But we are only wasting time.

We also need to give jobs to the right people who will help us arrive.  However, we cannot delegate to the point of losing the soul of our project.

Delegation to the point of abdication is another price we pay for success – but the success will not be ours!

When delegating we must delegate responsibly.  We need to be clear and concise about what job we need to get done. We need to give value to the people we delegate to.  A great brief will guarantee success.

#8 Do Not Pay the Price of Success With An Inflated Ego

the price of successWe all have egos!  Some have inflated egos bigger than their success.  It is a heavy weight to carry.  Ego is only an illusion of success.  Just like being overweight, huge egos need to be deflated.

On this, I would add that you need to stop enjoying self-endorsement and give up your need to be endorsed or liked.

Much as we like to be liked, we cannot make everyone like us.  Therefore, give up on people whose personality is not engaging.  You will not bring them round to liking you.  And you do not need it!

Remain authentic to yourself, to your goals and to your dreams.

#9 Stop Wasting Time Trying to Find Answers from Sources that do not Matter

The answers lie in experience.  Your path will be laid out when you start walking on the path.  You will not have instant answers from social media or television.  You may find the occasional mentor that will influence you, but you are never going to find a pre-packed answer to everything.

Minimize your dependency on looking your answers in the wrong places.

#10 Dream Your Success – But At Some Point Stop Dreaming and Get it Done!

the price of success

You must start off with a dream – but chasing fairies and dreaming of instant or overnight success will not help you reach your real target.  So be realistic, like yourself but keep it in check, and be the driving force of your own success.

And to Conclude on How Not to Pay the Price of Success…..

You need only justify yourself to yourself!  You are the only person responsible for your own success. And finally surround yourself with positive people, who encourage you to move forward. Brain drain people and dependent people will only suck up the energy you have to give yourself the power to move forward.  Recognize to be kind but to be firm.

If you don’t you will only pay the price of success!

Article by Mariella S.

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the price of success




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