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A bit from my bio

I have started my journey with coaching back in 2008. I wasn’t even aware that it was a beginning of something new for me. I simply followed the recommendation to join a course.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions you make in life without having big expectations. My first seminar ever was “Business and You” organised by David Neenan, a legendary American trainer and businessman, who taught me solid foundations for achieving success in life and business. I will remember that training forever. It was something that has given my life a new direction although I wasn’t able to fully see it back then. We notice changes with the time.

I continued the path of self-development for many years parallel with my career as a house designer. By profession, I am a designer and my niche has always been houses, villas and residencies. I have started my business when I was still studying Architecture and City Planning. Together with the team, I have designed over 500 ready house plans that are being built yearly in countries of eastern Europe.

Along with my way, in years 2009-2011 I met Richard Bandler and John La Valle – fathers of Neurolinguistic Programming and I got myself certified as an Advanced Master Practitioner by Society of NLP in the USA. I was flattered to shake hands with my mentor Brian Tracy whose work I love.

Between 2009-2012 I have finished numerous training with top polish trainers. I am a certified coach of PERSOLOG SYSTEM that helps people and corporates in 5 continents in areas like personal development, self-leadership, time management communication, recruiting and team development. Earlier this year 2017 I have successfully accomplished program Harvard Leadership for Higher Managers.

A few years ago I held my own seminars in Poland where I was sharing my knowledge from fast learning to  managing business. It was the begining of my public speaking career. I believe we all learn from each other. Students learn from teachers but teachers leran so much more from students. I enjoyed working with so many magnificent and open minded people and watching them breaking through their obstacles that were holding them back. My mission is to help people like you grow and upgrade the quality of their life. This is what I am continuing to do via my online courses like Success No.1. My flag training that teaches how to overcome difficulties in knowing what one really wants and is good at. It’s based on  fact that everyone is unique and has those unique talents and abilities that can be monetised and sold worldwide.


My work

I have created this course for people like you and I, because I know how important it is to set right goals in order to be successful in life. You can create the business you want and live the life you desire only when you have good and properly structured plan. Here you have me to inspire you, help you find your most profitable of your talents and get access to my secret know-how on how to improve ones life.



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