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Seo Expert 7 tips – explaining step by step how to add good quality article to rank high in search engines

Whether you are a Newbie Blogger, a blogger of medium experience or an expert, your message to the world is of value. You may spend hours on writing the article, revising it until it gets the right shape. As soon as you click “publish” you want to your message to get to as many readers as possible. Are you checking your statistics and page views but still don’t get enough comments? You desperately want more interest in your post. This is when you start to be really disappointed. You may feel like you’ve wasted your time or even feel unappreciated. It’s not how it should be. As long as you deliver interesting and unique content, plus you stick to the rules that I will explain below, you should see your statistics rocketing.

This is a checklist of 7 SEO tips for every blogger

SEO TIP #1 Write unique and interesting posts

This may be an obvious point but all that follows won’t make any sense if you copy posts/articles from other websites. Even if you write your own post always check for possible duplicate content and plagiarism. You can use this link. This step is extremely important from SEO point of view. Make your unique voice heard.

SEO TIP #2 Focus on specific keywords

Once you know what topic you want to write about, your next step is to plan your keywords accordingly. Use google keywords planner to choose what goes best with your topic. This is a free tool from google. In order to be able to use Google Keywords, you need to create your google AdWords account. You don’t have to create paid AdWords campaign to use this tool. Search for keywords that describe your topic/product well and compare search volume for all of them. This is part of a good strategy for appearing high in google search engines. So make sure you check keywords well.


Google keyword planner


Google keyword checker

Here is another good tip that I want to share with you. Make sure you watch for the SEO and readability score on your website. To achieve best results download Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. This is a very useful plugin that will help you create a title for google search engines and customise the snippet. For every single page or post on your website, you are able to create custom metadata. It helps google bots to better understand how to categorise and rank your website. Yoast SEO plugin is available for free (basic version) and paid extended version.




SEO TIP #3 Add links (internal and external)

Your post should contain cross-links. Google likes it when crawling the web. You can link to subpages or other posts inside your domain but you need always to add at least one external link to another website preferably with good page rank. Linking to porn sites or sites with a bad reputation will not help your website get a better position in google search engines.  You should have at least one or two internal cross links (referring to your own materials in other posts, which better amplify your subject) and another one of two valuable external cross links, that add value to your subject.

SEO TIP #4 Create good featured image (horizontal image)

The image should reflect the main point of the article. It should be interesting and may contain text that is a repetition of the title. Photoshop users will find this very easy to do.  However, if you are not proficient, you can get graphics done by talented artists from fiverr. You need to adjust the resolution and fill file info with keywords and necessary metadata. My favourite program is Photoshop. I create all graphics with help of this program. It also allows you to insert meta tags and keywords into jpg or png file. If you like doing graphics and work with media consider joining the Adobe Creative Cloud. With a monthly payment of between 30- 60$ you get access to all Adobe products including Photoshop. You need to pay a year plan but you get 2 licences which means that you can use 2 photoshops on 3 different computers simultaneously.


SEO TIP #5 Create long vertical image for Pinterest (optional)

If you run your business or personal account on Pinterest this is what may interest you. You want your post to be visible and provide as many information as possible. This is the point of attracting attention on Pinterest. Size doesn’t really matter as long as it’s vertical and contains all the necessary information. It must be colourful, eye-catchy and informative. Interlinking all your Social Media accounts to your posts, is of vital importance.  Google always ranks you higher whenever you have a reader viewing your post from anywhere else other than Google.  It shows the search engines that your post is creating interest elsewhere.

SEO TIP #6. Call to action button

If this is an article that sells a product or a service don’t forget to add Call to action button: “Buy It Now”, “Register” at the bottom of your article. You can also place a few banners in the middle of the article.  Remember not to overdo with images as you make readers distracted from the article itself.

Call to action button

Call to action button

SEO TIP #7. Check readability

To be sure you’re on the safe side Yoast SEO plugin is here to help you. Together with SEO score, you get a readability score. With Yoast Readability, you will get a whole list of what needs improvement in your post.  For example Yoast will indicate the percentage of impersonal sentences. It further tells you whether you have too many long sentences (20 words is considered a benchmark) Or whether your paragraphs are too long.  These are very helpful tips to help you improve your readability.

To help you verify your spelling mistakes there’s no better tool than Grammarly. I’ve discovered this myself recently and it saves me hours to correct my writing mistakes and improve my readability score. You can download a plugin that works with internet browser (safari, chrome, opera, firefox0x). You have a free version of full paid every month for a year.


There is no question that SEO is as important as the content of your post.  You are competing in a jungle of posts and you want your voice to be heard.  Failing to give attention to SEO will mean that you are shouting out in an open desert.  There will be no forthcoming help.  Instead you want to be shouting in a mall crammed with sunday visitors, and get their attention!  Start revising your SEO strategy and you will immediately see results of better engagement to your posts.

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