18 Reasons Why You Should Have A Blog

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Why should you have a blog? We will discuss the 20 most valid reasons for why you should have a blog.  A self-hosted blog is a key that will open limitless doors to success.  We are living in the age of Internet.  It has been for a while. However, today, the way we shop, and the manner that we look for information and engagement has been revolutionized.

In the past, we had mentors and experts who communicated widely through, radio, television, and books. This was probably true down to ten years ago.  Although these media are still existing, they are less powerful and far less reaching. The Internet has now replaced everything. Social media is the number 1 way by which to communicate with the rest of the world.  Today we can travel and work from wherever we like with much more ease.  We talk and see each other over a computer.  All the stuff that looked like sci-fi a few years back is now a reality.

Reasons Why You Should Have A Blog


Blogging is the easiest way by which you can reach hundreds of thousands of people. Blogging is your unique voice.  It is your contribution to give value to the world.  By finding your voice through a blog, you are poised for big scale success.

In order to have a successful business that will set your free financially, you should have a blog. Owning your own website rather than contributing to a blog post is very important. Making your website run like a business is the topmost reason why you should have a blog.

I will now give you my top eighteen reasons for which you should have a blog.

#1 Owning Your Website vis-a-vis using Blog Posts

Unless you own your own website, your blog will be cluttered with advertising from the hosts of your blog post.  When you are using a blog post instead of your own site, the hosting company will be setting up leaflets, flyers and advertising materials.  Basically, they will use the popularity of your writing to make money from it.  This is because they are the hosts and not yourself.

On the other hand, if you have your own website you can advertise your own products or products you choose to promote yourself.  This will help you make money online. Moreover, you will have clients who will want to check other posts on your website.

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Good luck! ♥

#2 Primary Reason Why You Should Have a BlogBlueHost

The most valid answer that pops to my mind when asked “Why Do you Need Your own Website?” is very simple.  You can ditch your boss and quit your 9/5 job and earn a living from your own home or wherever it pleases you to be.

#3 You Should Have a Blog to Start Your Own Business

A successful blog can beat any brick and mortar business.  Did you know that there are more internet millionaires under the age of 20 than millionaires from any other tangible business?  Yes, your blog is your key to channel your targets of success. The greatest thing about owning your own website means that it is owning your own business.


#4 You ShWHY YOU SHOULD HAVE A BLOGould Have A Blog to Make Your Voice Heard

Your website is your unique voice. You can style your own website with themes that respect the content.  If you are hosted on a blog post you are crowded by other styles and competing posts.  Your website is your online business card.

#5 Your Blog Will Position You in the World

You will become an influencer.  Your website will be reaching thousands of people.  The content on your site is what will help people make better and more informed decisions.

#6 Blogging for Strategy

Writing and making a strategy on your website will help you re-organize your life.  As you build your site, you will go back to re-assessing your personal and business goals.  Old posts will re-surface and cross-linked and it jogs up our memory of important strategies in our life.

#7 You Should Have a Blog as an invitation to connect

WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE A BLOGYour our own website will be like an open invitation to connect with new people and potentially new clients. Your own site will help you build your customer base. Through your website, you can encourage existing clients to share information.  This is the easiest way by which to grow your client base.

#8 Your website is your online business.

Your website is 100% engaged.  It does not have any closing hours.  It is available 24/7 and it reaches its arms across the whole world.  Literally, the world is your oyster because of your website.

#9 You Should Have Your Blog because you will feel the pulse

Your website is alive.  Through your website, you can constantly update information, offers, and products.  You can upload relevant and up-to-date information and keep your clients adjourned with the latest tips.


#10 You Should Have a Blog to Feel the Vibe of Pride

Having your own website will make you feel pride!  Once your website takes off and people engage with you, you will feel very validated.  Take pride in your work and show it off.

#11 Blogging is Free Marketing

Marketing from your own website costs nothing.  The internet has literally changed the face of marketing.  Through your website, you can reach out to thousands of potential clients with very little cost.  Owning your website will give you marketing possibilities that you could never access before.

#12 Your Blog Will be A Source of Online Support

You can prepare FAQ Sheets that will cut out plenty of time in customer support.  By preparing pre-assigned answers, a visitor to your blog can find ready answers to their questions.

#13 You Should Have a Blog because You Can Explore Any Niche Market

The sky is the limit.  You can blog about any subject you love or know something about.  From lifestyle to tending your cactus! There is space for any subject under the sky.  And each subject can be turned into a business plan by which you can make money online.  As long as you enjoy writing about your special subject for your niche market, there is no limit to how far you can reach your audience.


#14 You Should Have a Blog for Multiple Income Streams

You can use your website as a source of multiple streams of income.  We have dealt with multiple streams of income. Your website can be the channel of all your streams of income.  Through your website, you can sell products for other clients.  You can create and sell your own product such as courses or offer guidance.  You can use your traffic to channel them to whatever you feel best suits your income source.

#15 Your Opinion Matters

Your website is your unique voice.  I have already said that earlier, but this time I mean it in a different context.  Your website gives you a voice.  When you write a post on your blog you are voicing your opinion and your knowledge.  It is a great way by which you can offer an opinion and receive feedback.  You have a great possibility of engagement even if your opinion is different to anyone else’s.  It opens possibilities of counter arguments without the hassles of open confrontation.

#16 Your Blog is Personalized

Having your own website will give you the possibility of having your personalized email addresses.  This is very professional and will be easy to remember.  Support@mywebsite.com, info@mywebsite.com team@mywebsite.com are just a few examples.


#17 Blog for Freedom

Your own website will give you freedom.  Owning your website will give you not just financial freedom, but the freedom of working at your own pace from wherever you like.  You do not need to ask your boss for permission! You are your own boss.

#18 You Should Have A Blog because it does not require a Capital Investment

The difference between owning an online business vis-à-vis a brick and mortar business is that it only requires the investment of your time.  Therefore this type of business start-up will not eat up your capital.  You do not need to spend any major money to have your own website.

Why You Should Have a Blog – Conclusion


Is blogging completely new for you? Let’s start from the beginning Check out our article with 5 Tips on Creating a Successful Website.

The above list of eighteen is just a fraction of the many reasons of why you should blog.  The primary reason should be that You actually will want to blog.

The world is changing.  Even the way we speak is changing.  When someone asks a question, the first answer they get is “google it”.  People mix and mingle in social media today.  Facebook “check-in” is the modern gossip line.

The way your website is looking is the reflection of your personality.  A smart, professional and refined website, will give an image of your own professionalism.   Having a professional website will inspire confidence in the people who are visiting your site.

You must remember that your website needs to stand out. A shabby or poorly presented website will be quickly dismissed and not valid.  You may write the best and most beautiful content, but no one will read it.  Yes, a book is judged by its cover. So will your website! It will be judged by how professional it looks.  Give your clients the best experience all around and they will come back begging for more. (could not resist that one!)





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